Building Works


Building works and School upgrade completed.



Stage 1 building works are now well underway!


Newsletter Update 23.04.2020

Newsletter Update 21.02.2020


10th August 2018

The Master Plan process has begun!

Our architects, Minx, have presented 3 concept drawings for the new buildings. These will be on display in the front entrance near the office and as .pdfs below until Friday 17th August at 4pm. There will be a book on the front office bench that you can provide feedback, make suggestions or just comment on. 

Victorian School Building Authority logo*UPDATE 15 March 2018

$6.3 million has been allocated to the school for upgrade and modernisation.  See Media Release below. 

Premier's Office Media Release 15 March 2018
Thursday 26th April (VSBA update)
Wednesday 4th April (VSBA update)

The school is currently in the process of having some Emergency Works completed. The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) has been working with Bonbeach Primary School and Pre-school to have the works completed as soon as possible.

All communications from the VSBA will be posted here with dates of when published. The information provided is to keep our community informed. Please be aware that while the information below is correct at the time of publishing, as the scope of works progresses, plans may change.

Wednesday 21 February (School Council Communication)
Monday 12th February (VSBA update)
Monday 29th January (VSBA update)
Monday 29th January (Meeting Minutes from 24 January 2018)
Tuesday 23rd January (VSBA Scope of Works)
Monday 22nd January (VSBA update)
Thursday 21st December (VSBA update)
Wednesday 20th December (VSBA update)
Tuesday 12th December (VSBA update)
Monday 11th December (VSBA expected timeline)