Transition to primary school

Frequently asked questions

Do children leave the school gates at play times?

Initially, all prep teachers will stay outside in the playground during break times until the students become familiar with the environment. There is always at least 2 staff on yard duty at all times monitoring the students.

Will my child have enough time to eat?

We eat snack and lunch in the classrooms for about 15-20 minutes. The students are also able to take food outside if they don’t have enough time to finish during eating time.

Where do I collect my child at the end of the day?

During Orientation sessions, collect your child from the classroom they are assigned to. During school terms, collect your child from the basketball court.

Where do I drop my child off in the morning?

During Orientation, 'Super Starters' sessions, and the first day of school, drop your child off at his/her classroom. When your child has started school, drop them off at their class’s line on the basketball court at 8:50am.

Who decides the buddy my child has?

Teachers consult with kindergarten / child care staff and observe how your child interacts with others. Based on this information, we try to match your child with an appropriate Grade 5 buddy.

Which teacher does my child have?

We base this decision on a variety of factors including consultation with kinder teachers, transition statements, our own observations, how your child interacts with others in the room and the ratio of boys to girls.

How often will my child go to the toilet?

We take the students on regular toilet breaks throughout the day, however, accidents do happen so please make sure you pack a spare change of underwear and clothes.

Should my child be able to read and write before coming to school?

Teachers undertake initial  and ongoing assessments, and base our planning and teaching on this. It is not necessary for your child to be reading and writing when they start school as these are skills we work on throughout the year. However, being able to recognise their name in lower case letters would be beneficial. Reading simple books and writing a few simple sentences is an expectation for halfway through the prep year.

How can I volunteer?

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer around the school. To do this, you will require a Working With Children Check (the Working With Children Checks Policy is here), and read and complete these OHS and Volunteer documents. These can also be obtained from the office.

What should I do if my child is upset at drop-off times?

Make contact with your child's teacher and they will take your child by the hand and find an activity for them to engage with. It is best for you to say your goodbyes fairly quickly and we will call you to let you know how your child has settled.