The education program offered by Bonbeach Primary School is highly regarded by the community due to its creative functioning and parent involvement.

Our mission is to ensure that every child in the early years of schooling develops the necessary skills and understandings in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy to give them the best opportunity for the future. This is aided by the happy caring learning environment we foster in our classrooms. The main emphases of the program are differentiated learning, the development of lifelong learning skills and the ongoing development of our teachers’ skills to ensure the most effective resources and approaches are used.

Bonbeach Primary School also provides a comprehensive curriculum covering all Victorian Curriculum strands, domains and dimensions.

Programs are operating in:
Victorian Early Years Literacy Program, Library, Visual Arts, Indonesian, Mathematics, Physical Education and Digital Technologies. As an Asian Literate School, we also incorporate studies of Asia in our curriculum.

We plan curriculum, teaching and assessment using the Victorian Curriculum. Organised access to the latest technologies is available throughout the school.

Each student is assessed regularly so that strengths can be built upon and, through a very active Pupil Welfare Team, that works with Guidance Officers, Speech Therapists, Visiting Teachers and parents, weaknesses can be identified and dealt with through individual assistance including a literacy intervention program.

The Early Years Literacy Program and approaches are implemented in all grades providing students with daily, focused, two hour literacy sessions. Parent Helpers are trained and welcome and "Take-Home" Reading books are changed daily.

An hour a day is spent on focused mathematics activities in each classroom.

At Bonbeach Primary School the whole school community works in partnership to assist in the total development of children.