Bonbeach Primary School uses the Victorian Curriculum F-10, to develop and provide education programs that are meaningful for students. A holistic approach to learning is adopted where the academic, physical, social, emotional and psychological needs of all children are considered.


Our school’s purpose is to provide programs that teach skills and values to assist children of all abilities to reach their full potential in a friendly, community environment. Our aim is to extend and support students in their endeavours to become effective, productive and healthy members of the global society.


Our broad curriculum is planned and taught sequentially. It is designed to develop thinking and social skills, foster engagement with the wider community and includes the use of a wide range of technology to assist in student learning.


To support the delivery of the curriculum, we access and select a range of suitable educational resources that enhance classroom learning. A school Assessment Schedule informs our decisions on planning, curriculum delivery and reporting on student progress.


The Curriculum will allow every student the opportunity to develop:

  • A solid foundation in knowledge, understanding, skills and values on which further learning and adult life can be built.
  • Deep knowledge, understanding, skills and values that will enable advanced learning and an ability to create new ideas and translate them into practical applications.
  • General capabilities that underpin flexible and analytical thinking, a capacity to work with others and an ability to move across subject disciplines to develop new expertise.

Bonbeach Primary School aims to implement a dynamic curriculum that:

  • Is engaging and relevant and enables students to develop deep levels of knowledge, processes and skills for life-long learning;
  • Is differentiated in approaches to teaching that cater for the needs of students with a range of interests, abilities, skills and motivation;
  • Provides opportunities for students to think, reflect and become independent, resourceful and adaptable learners;
  • Enables students to interact with other students and the wider community;