Middle School

Our Middle School is made up of two multi-age groups who are provided with opportunities to inquire, explore and learn in flexible learning spaces. Students work in individual and group environments with the assistance of Information and Communications Technology such as iPads, netbooks, desktop computers and interactive whiteboards, as well as a large collection of hands on resources and access to various fiction and non-fiction texts.


Our learning programs involve a great deal of co-operative planning and team teaching to ensure we cater for the diverse range of needs, values and desires that our students and their parents have. As teachers, we value the individuality of each student, and cater for specific needs by differentiating our learning tasks to maintain student engagement. We encourage social learning experiences and arrange our spaces to promote co-operative opportunities and engagement between students.

The Middle School program provides an enjoyable and challenging environment for our students, which embraces all areas of the AusVels Curriculum using an integrated approach.


In the Middle School, our students love to engage in literacy and numeracy rotations, as well as Inquiry based rotations with the Senior School students. Middle School students are invited to join a variety of activities outside of the classroom, including Fitness Club, Recorder Club, Gardening Club and the Junior School Council.


In 2013 the Middle School has focussed on various Inquiry-based learning topics. These included developing questions and researching ‘Weather and Climate’ in which students explored causes of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. In term two students benefitted from a focus on ‘Where do I fit in’; an investigation into how we fit into our families, our local and wider community, and the world. Students looked into how as Australians, we communicate and engage with our neighbouring countries and enjoyed an enlightening trip to the Chinese Museum. Term three brought the students a design brief and problem solving task in which they investigated a way to create a parachute from select materials to ensure their egg would survive a drop. The children loved getting involved in creating a movie trailer with their egg using iMovie. Their use and knowledge of the application, and final presentations were remarkable.

Our students enjoy learning through open ended inquiry tasks. It enables them to develop their own learning paths as they pose questions that interest them, and find answers through their own exploration of the topic.


The Middle School students especially enjoy getting involved in online blogging, and share work, ideas and engage in discussion on the class Weebly page. This page is also used for providing students with access to extra homework activities and various links to subject based games and interactive activities.


Our students’ love for learning is evident as we watch them become more involved and engaged every day. Their positive attitudes are exceptional and help make the Bonbeach Primary School’s Middle School an inviting and amazing place to be.