Middle School


In Reading, during Years 3 and 4 students consolidate their comprehension of a range of text genres by practising strategies such as; relating their own experiences to the texts they read, locating information in a text, making inferences and analysing and comparing texts. They continue to develop their fluency and decoding strategies and are challenged to expand their vocabulary by reading new or unfamiliar texts. In Writing, students build on the skills previously learnt to write with more detail, description and cohesion. They explore a range of different text types including; narratives, persuasives, informative texts and responses. They continue to build on their knowledge of spelling patterns through the 3/4 SMART Spelling program, as well as expanding their knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules. Students continue to develop their speaking and listening skills by sharing their thoughts and opinions to topical news items from Behind the News, completing presentations for Inquiry, participating in share time and practising and performing Readers’ Theatre in small groups.


During Mathematics, students participate in a range of hands on, rich and challenging tasks. Students are encouraged to be problem solvers by trying a range of different strategies to work through tasks. Students become more efficient with their number knowledge, including their knowledge of basic number facts and times tables. We also focus on mathematical life skills such as telling the time, calculating problems involving money and calculating change and converting between units of measurement. Students sometimes complete mini maths projects where they can apply the skills taught to meaningful real life situations.


In Years 3 and 4 at Bonbeach Primary School, students are immersed in a range of concepts and skills around topics including; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Australian History and Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Science and more. Students use the initial skills and knowledge taught to then lead their own inquiry learning journey. They make new discoveries, learn exciting new information and work collaboratively and cooperatively with their peers to achieve a common goal. Where possible, we include exciting, engaging and hands on excursions and incursions for inquiry topics that further develop the students’ understanding of concepts.

Extra Curricula

Students in Years 3 and 4 experience many new opportunities including competing in the Athletics Day and Cross Country. Students from Year 4 onwards are also welcomed to partake in the school Aerobics Team, which sees them compete against other schools!

Year 4 students are able to participate in their first Outdoor Education Adventure camp of 2 nights – a fun experience that creates memories for a lifetime, challenges students, builds team work and sees them further develop strong positive relationships with their peers.