At Bonbeach Primary School, modelled and shared reading is used by teachers to target whole class needs.

Students in Foundation to Year Two focus on learning to read. They are supported in developing the skills required to become independent readers by focussing on accuracy, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Students in Years Three to Six focus on reading to learn. They are supported in developing the skills required to think critically about high quality texts through building comprehension strategies: inferencing, examining author’s purpose, summarising, cause and effect, making connections, building vocabulary and questioning.

Buddy and Independent Reading time allows for students to put into practice skills which have been explicitly taught during whole class or small group sessions. During Independent Reading, teachers conference one on one with students to develop individual reading goals.


At Bonbeach Primary School, Students are exposed to high quality writing through mentor texts. They explore why and how authors create excellent pieces of writing by focussing on Voice, Organisation, Ideas, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions.

Students are exposed to writing for specific purposes by developing a clear understanding of the structures of various text types. Whole class needs are explicitly taught through Modelled and Shared Writing. Individual and small group goals are specifically targeted through Guided Writing groups and one to one conferencing with the teacher.


Spelling conventions and handwriting skills are supported through whole class and small group instruction using the SMART Spelling Approach by Michelle Hutchinson. We follow a Foundation to Year Six scope and sequence that explicitly teaches spelling patterns, one at a time. We focus on teaching the meaning of words to expand vocabulary, and then break words into syllables, sounds and letter patterns (graphs, digraphs and trigraphs).