Senior School

The Bonbeach Primary School's Senior School is a fun and exciting place to be. Students are provided with an engaging and challenging curriculum that allows them to inquire, explore and learn in flexible learning spaces. Students develop interpersonal skills by working in teams to complete set activities and real life projects. They are supported to develop strong understanding of how they learn effectively and are expected to work towards becoming independent learners by displaying excellent personal learning skills.


Students are provided with a variety of lessons and ongoing projects that allow them to develop their use of Information and Communications Technology to research, design, create and present information in an interesting manner. Students are provided with regular access and lessons that develop their expertise in the use of iPads, netbooks, desktop computers and interactive whiteboards.


Our learning programs involve a great deal of co-operative planning and team teaching to ensure we cater for the diverse range of needs, values and desires that our students and their parents have. As teachers, we value the individuality of each student, and cater for specific needs by differentiating our learning tasks to maintain student engagement. We encourage social learning experiences and arrange our spaces to promote co-operative opportunities and engagement between students.


The Senior School program provides an enjoyable and challenging environment for our students, which embraces all areas of the AusVELS Curriculum using an integrated approach.


In the Senior School, our students love to engage in literacy and numeracy rotations, as well as Inquiry based rotations. The students also get great enjoyment from our Buddy Program and it is always a great occasion when the prep and grade 1 students get together with their Buddies to work collaboratively or share their work.


Senior School students are provided with many opportunities to develop their leadership capacities. Students have the opportunity to apply for a number of leadership positions including School Captains, House Captains,  Junior School Councillors, I Sea I Care Ambassadors and the Environmental Team Members. All students in the Senior School are encouraged to use their leadership skills in all areas of the school and our students gain great pride from setting a good example to ensure Bonbeach Primary School is a great place to be.


In 2013 the Senior School has focussed on various Inquiry-based learning topics. These included developing questions and researching ‘Natural Disasters' in which students explored causes of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions and the impact they had on the human population. In term two students explored 'Australian History’. They closely examined how decisions made in our past have shaped and influenced the country we live in today. In term 3 students looked into how as Australian interacts with 'Our Neighbours'. Students explore the economic reliance we have in relation to neighbouring countries and the importance of maintaining close relationships with countries throughout the South East Asia region. Students participated in a fabulous excursion to the Chinese Museum where they were able to gain an insight in to the history of China and how Chinese immigrants have played an important role in Australian History. The Students were able to get a taste of Asia as they enjoyed a Chinese Banquet for lunch as part of the excursion. Students completed the term by using a range of ICT hardware and software to produce 'Getaway' episode using green screen technology to show their deep understanding of a chosen Asian country. During term 4, students gained great enjoyment from participating in our school camping program to Philip Island. This term students are being provided with outdoor education programs including Bike Education to provide them with the skills required to be safe when riding to and from school.


Our students enjoy learning through open ended inquiry tasks. It enables them to develop their own learning paths as they pose questions that interest them, and find answers through their own exploration of the topic. Students are also provided well as structure project tasks with clear expectations and assessment criteria. Students are supported to set clear learning goals and reflect upon these goals throughout each session. Students in the Senior School develop a tremendous knowledge of what they are doing well and what they are working at improving to enhance their skills and understandings.


Bonbeach Primary School is a safe, secure and challenging place to be. All students display wonderful individual qualities that help to maintain our exceptional community school. The leadership of our Senior Students ensures that our classrooms and playgrounds are fun, exciting and supportive environments. In the Senior School we pride ourselves on being the 'Best People We Can Be!'