Values and Purpose


Our school’s purpose is to provide programs that teach skills and values to assist children of all abilities to reach their full potential in a friendly, community environment. Our aim is to extend and support students in their endeavours to become effective, productive and healthy members of the global society.


At Bonbeach Primary School we value:


  • To develop the belief that I will be successful in my academic work, social relationships and other extra curricula activities.
  • To learn to work independently and not to be afraid of making mistakes or to be concerned of what others think.
  • To choose to participate in challenging and difficult activities.
  • To express my opinions and stand up for what I believe.

Getting Along

  • To work cooperatively with each other.
  • To solve problems through discussion. 
  • To manage my anger.
  • To show understanding of individual differences.


  • To value the importance of education and doing well at school.
  • To set goals that are challenging.
  • To plan and use my time effectively.


  • To try hard and not give up easily when doing school work I find difficult and do not feel like doing.
  • To keep trying to complete an assignment without becoming distracted.


  • To bounce back from failure, rejection, hostility, criticism and hardship.