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Term 1 - Fri 27th January to Thur 6th April

Term 2 - Mon 24th April to Fri 23rd June

Term 3 - Mon 10th July to Fri 15th September

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A Message from Ken and Lisa

Welcome Back

Welcome back to a very busy Term 3 at school!

It was great to see all the students back at school on Monday. 

The new building works are on schedule and should be completed very shortly. Unfortunately, the wet weather last term has delayed the landscaping works. This shouldn’t affect the handover of the new building, as the school may be able to access it once the pathways are laid.

There have been some staffing changes, both at the school and the Pre School this term. Mrs Jennings is now part time and is team teaching with Ms Levy. Ms Scarlett has taken over Mr Waters’ class.

Miss Jo at the Pre School has accepted a consultancy position outside the Pre School and will be leaving at the end of July. We are currently in the process of finding her replacement now.

Whilst we are very sad to lose such a wonderful teacher, we do wish her all the very best on her new career path

Term 3 events

Term 3 is going to be a very busy term with many activities planned including; swimming for Years Prep-4, Year 3/4 camp, Life Education as well as other whole school and year level based activities. All activities that involve guest visitors on-site as well as excursions require parent consent regardless of whether there is a cost or not. We ask parents to regularly check Compass and make sure that consent and payment for activities is provided within the deadlines as we do not want any children to miss out on any activities. Late payments or consent will not be accepted for any activities.


Due to the hard courts currently being closed off for resurfacing, all school assemblies will now be held in the hall until we have access to the courts again. Unfortunately, under current Covid-19 density limits, we are unable to have parents or external visitors attend assemblies indoors.

Farmers Market

We had another successful Farmer’s Market last weekend. Thank you to our year 1/2 and 3/4 families for your assistance with set up, pack up, gates and BBQ and to some of our parents who worked a double shift! Thank you to Bonnie G, Pam P, Kirsten W, Nerine E, Amie F, Nick M, Brett M, Michael B, Lucas M, Archie M, Alexandra M, David D, Evan D, Xiomeng L, Julian W, Sara J, Darren S, Kate S, Jenny M, Melissa V, Aaron V, Jade K, Amy D, Cameron S, Anita P.

It was also great to see some of our students getting involved as well: Charlotte S, Sarah S, Joel P, Alana K and Penny D.

Our next market will be held on Sunday 8th August. Our Prep team will be organising volunteers for set up, pack up and gates and our Pre-School will be on the egg and bacon BBQ.

If you are available to assist with either set up, pack up or on the gates, please fill in the Google form - https://forms.gle/rc9LrhL6Po9CatUn7


Get Active Victoria Vouchers

Does your child love sport and being active? Does your family have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card? You may be eligible for up to $200 to put towards the cost of your child’s participation in physical activities.

The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and active recreation activities.

Under the program, children may be eligible to receive up to $200 to help with the cost of membership and registration fees, uniforms, and equipment.

Special consideration also applies for children named on their own Australian Government Health Care Card or residing in care services as well as temporary or provisional visa holders, undocumented migrants or international students.

Applications for vouchers in round two of the program close at 5pm Friday 30 July.

For eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the Get Active Victoria website.


Face Mask Requirements

The Victorian Government has announced new arrangements for schools in Victoria from 11:59pm Wednesday 14th July. Based on advice from the Victorian chief Health Officer, wearing a face mask is now mandatory indoors, this includes all schools.

Use your words Dad

by Michael Grose

Seven-year-old Thomas lay crying on his bed wrapped in the arms of his father. Thomas was upset and his dad was trying to find out what was bothering his son. His voice was quiet, and his words were soothing.

Gradually, Thomas opened up, sharing with his father how his best friend had embarrassed him in front of others at school. Unable to articulate his disappointment and anger, Thomas’s father did so for him. “I guess you feel let down. I’d be really mad too if that happened to me.”

Thomas let out a sigh, relaxing even more into his father’s embrace knowing he understood how he felt. Empathy has a soothing effect on upset children.

Popular parenting author Steve Biddulph is correct when he wrote that activity is the main language of fathering. Dads use physical touch and play to build relationships and as a tool to develop self-control, teamwork, fairness, and other values.

However, if activity is the only way a man relates to his children, his impact will be limited. As Thomas’s father discovered, physical touch may provide an entry point but it’s through talking that we get to the heart of matters that bother children and young people.

Anecdotally, talking with kids about their worries and anxieties is still largely a mother’s preserve. Sexuality educators report that mothers do most of the talking when it comes to sexuality, respectful relationships, and consent.

Talking through personal problems with a son or daughter is a new role for many men, especially for a generation whose fathers stoically advised them ‘get on with it’ when problems emerged. Many males feel more comfortable giving advice rather than solace to kids who are struggling.

The most effective parents are those who adapt to the times in which they live. The COVID-19 era requires parents to be even  more patient, calm and focused on children’s wellbeing. Parents of both genders need to communicate from their hearts as well as their heads, finding words to support and heal, as well as to advise when children and young people struggle.


Ken & Lisa

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Performing Arts News

                                   PERFORMING ARTS

What a great start to the term with Performing Arts. Stay tuned for information on what we are doing. Ask your children to show you what they have learnt.

Bu King   




Lunchtime Clubs Term 3

Farmers' Market News

Support Needed!

Looking for a way to get more involved in the school community and support the schools fundraising efforts? Volunteer to be a part of the Farmers’ Market Committee! Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people and make an impact on your community. We could not accomplish all that we do without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers! It takes a lot of work to make a market run. It wouldn’t be possible without the support and aid of our dedicated volunteers and supportive community.

How can you be involved?

  • Become part of the committee – share your ideas, provide feedback and support us on the day of the markets when you can. Being part of the committee does not mean you have to be available for every market or take on a specific role of responsibility. The more members we have, the more we are able to share out the responsibilities.
  • We are looking for a parent (or two as a shared role) to take on the role of BBQ coordinator. This role involves ordering the supplies each month for the egg and bacon BBQ, and attending the markets when you can. Organising volunteers on the day is coordinated by the school and not the responsibility of the BBQ coordinator.

Our egg and bacon BBQ is always a favourite at each Farmers’ Market and a great fundraiser. 100% of the funds raised from the BBQ at each market, goes towards an identified group or purpose in the school. In the past, the BBQ has helped to subsidise the cost of aerobics and Energy Breakthrough competition fees, Subsidised the cost of Year 6 Graduation, raised money for the sensory room, school garden and the pre-school. If we are unable to fill this role, this fundraising opportunity will not be able to continue.

If you are interested in this role or would like to find out more, please contact Lisa Lisa.Roolker@education.vic.gov.au

Farmers’ Market Committee meetings are held every Tuesday following a market at 5:00pm at the school. Our next meeting will be after our August market on Tuesday 10th August. If you are interested in finding out more about getting involved, we encourage you to come along and see how it works.

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