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Term Dates 2021

Term 1 - Wed 27th January to Thur 1st April

Term 2 - Mon 19th April to Fri 25th June

Term 3 - Mon 12th July to Fri 17th September

Term 4 - Mon 4th October to Fri 17th December


Curriculum days are student free days.

Wednesday 27th January

Thursday 28th January
Friday 21st May

Monday 1st November

A Message from Ken and Lisa


The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for students in Years 3 and 5 will be held on Tuesday 11th May, Wednesday 12th May and Thursday 13th May. NAPLAN tests assess student knowledge and skills in Writing, Reading, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy.

Tuesday 11th May

Wednesday 12th May

Thursday 13th May

Language Conventions (morning session)

Writing (after recess)

Reading (morning session)

Numeracy (morning session)

Most assessments will be conducted at the beginning of the day. Please ensure that your child arrives to school on time and has a healthy breakfast in the morning.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s participation in NAPLAN, please contact your child’s teacher.

Personal Property

We understand that students often bring items from home to play with during play times. Please be aware that the Department of Education and Training does not have insurance for personal property and the school does not take responsibility for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged at school or during school activities.

It can be very upsetting for a child if they lose their toy or it becomes damaged. Therefore, we recommend that no precious items are brought to school and that parents explain to their child that if their item goes missing or is damaged, we are unable to replace it.

Please refer to our personal property policy for more information. https://www.bonbeachps.vic.edu.au/uploaded_files/media/personal_property_policy.pdf

 Before School

A reminder that the yard is not supervised until 8:45am each morning. If your child arrives to school prior to 8:45am, they must be supervised by an adult. At 8:45am, there is a bell to signal that students may enter their classrooms. Please do not enter or send children in prior to this time, as this is preparation time / meeting time for our staff.

Their Care provide before school care from 7:00am until 8:45am for any families who require care for their children before the school day starts.

Thank you

On behalf of the Bonbeach Primary School community, we would like to acknowledge and thank one of our parents, Jenny Thompson for her support with the Scholastic Book Club. Jenny has coordinated the book club for our Bonbeach families for the last eight years. Thank you Jenny for your time and commitment to the program over the years. Thank you also to our new parents who will be taking over this role to ensure book club can continue.

Give kids a thumbs up for the right things

by Michael Grose

Children of all ages enjoy parental recognition. They like when their parents make a fuss over their behaviour or highlight something they’ve done well.

Sometimes parents will reward their children’s behaviour with a treat, money or a gift. This is okay in small doses, but parental recognition alone is a high enough driver of children’s behaviour most of the time.

First borns, in particular, love approval. Youngest children just love that you have noticed them! Second borns can sometimes do things in spite of their parents, but deep down they love the recognition too, even if they don’t let on that they do.

The behaviour you focus on expands

If you want your kids to be neater then focus on their neat behaviours. “You’ve tidied your toys up before dinner. Top job!” You don’t have to throw a party, just let them know that you noticed and you approve of their tidiness. You may also let them know how it affects you. “You’ve tidied your toys up before dinner. It makes my job easier.” The behaviours that you notice and comment on will expand.

Noticing kids’ tidiness once won’t suddenly turn messy kids into exceptionally neat ones, but do it often enough and you’ll start to get some turn around.

You can give kids a thumbs up for all sorts of behaviours. Here’s some examples.

Being co-operative

Stubborn kids need a pat on the head when they respond on your terms not theirs.

Being brave

Nervous and anxious kids need to have their bravery pointed out to them. It’s reassuring and empowering.

Being helpful

Want helpful kids? Then you need to notice helpful behaviours.

Being tolerant

Sometimes older siblings need to be very tolerant of younger siblings. Tolerance is a very giving behaviour and should be promoted.

Being patient

Something to encourage in boys, in particular. It’s often not their strong point.

Being persistent

Let kids know when ‘hanging in there’ pays off. The link between persistence and success is massive but persistence needs to be promoted. It’s also the one factor of temperament that can be affected by parenting.

Being friendly

If your child struggles in social situations then recognise pro-social behaviours such as sharing, initiating contact with another child or taking an interest in another person.

Don’t wait until you get perfect behaviour to give recognition, particularly for very young children. Kids have L-plates when it comes to behaving (co-operatively, bravely, patiently) so their attempts and close approximations need to be verified by the significant adults in their lives – their parents.

Recognising kids’ positive behaviours is easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. We often get tied up with other things and forget to show appreciation and nurture the behaviours our kids need to develop. It’s important to be aware of this. It’s the little things such as giving positive recognition that have the biggest impact on kids’ development.


Ken & Lisa


A Message from the PE Department

Term 2 2021

Whole School


Term Two: Swimming lessons for Year 1/2 students are scheduled to take place in weeks 8 and 9 of the term, starting Monday June 7th and finishing Thursday June 17th. Swimming lessons will be held at Toby Haenen Swim Centre. Compass event to go out on Compass soon.  

District Cross Country

The District Cross Country is to be held at Cornish College in week 3 on Tuesday 4th May. We will be taking a team of 36 students to District, with many running in their first District event due to there being no cross country last year. Congratulations to all students competing, and to everyone for running in the House Cross Country which was at the end of last term. It was our first real whole school event in over 18 months! Event for District went out on Compass in week one.

Year 5/6

  • The inter-school sport fixture for term 2 2021:


              7th May: Home v Carrum Primary School

              14th May: Home v Patterson Lakes Primary School  

              21st May: Bye (due to curriculum day)

              28th May: Away v Seaford Primary School

              4th June: Winter Lightning Premiership

              11th June: Away v Chelsea Heights Primary School


  • The term 2 Inter-School Sports are: Football (AFL), Netball, Soccer and Tee Ball. All sports will be played at school on home games, except Football which will be at Bonbeach Reserve (Shark Park), oval 5. If participating in football, students will need permission to walk there with Mr Mac.


  • In Term Two there is a Lighting Premiership, where every school plays each other in shortened round robin matches. Venues are yet to be decided. All Grade 5/6 students will be participating.


  • In Physical Education lessons this term, Grade 5/6 students will be participating in a unit of Football and Rugby. Students will have the opportunity to learn about rules, skills and game play of AFL Football and Rugby League. Students will also start an Athletics unit which will continue on into Term Three.

Year 3/4

  • In Physical Education lessons this term, the Grade 3/4 students will be participating in a unit of Soccer. They will learn about different elements of rules, skills involved, and game play of soccer in both outdoor and indoor settings. Students will also start an Athletics unit towards the end of term which will continue on into Term Three, to get them prepared for the House Athletics day.

Year 1/2    

  • In Physical Education lessons this term, the Grade 1/2 students will be participating in a unit of Gymnastics. They will learn about different elements involved, skills, links to other sports, new equipment, safety and a main focus on balancing, flexibility, jumping and hand eye coordination.


  • Year 1/2 Swimming lessons have been scheduled to take place in weeks 8 and 9 of term 2.                            Costings, groups and times will be up on Compass asap!


  • The preps had such a great start to their primary schooling in PE in term one. They’ve already learnt a bunch of new games, skills and directions that will put them in good stead for the rest of the year and beyond.


  • In Physical Education lessons this term, the Prep students will be participating in a unit of throwing and catching. They will learn about different throwing techniques (over and under arm throwing), catching tips, body positioning, new equipment and safety.  

Mr Mac.

Physical Education Teacher.

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