Newsletter 1st April 2021



A Message from Ken and Lisa


End of Term

The end of Term 1 has arrived so incredibly quickly. We would like to thank all of the wonderful Bonbeach community, parents, students and staff for their assistance ensuring that our first term back went so smoothly.

Dismissal time today is 2:30 and first day of Term 2 is Monday 19th April.

We wish everyone a very happy and safe Easter break and look forward to seeing everyone back at school, refreshed and eager to go!

I have included this article especially for the holidays as this particular topic comes up in my house every holidays and we have long conversations discussing how long is too long, what else could be done, etc., etc.

Establishing digital boundaries for the screen generation

by Dr Kristy Goodwin

Parents need to establish digital boundaries and be the pilot (for primary children) and co-pilot (for adolescents) of the digital plane.

Many parents establish screen time limits for their ‘screenagers’ (i.e. their children and teens) by stipulating how much time they can spend plugged in. Focusing solely on time is not the only digital boundary to consider. It’s best to expand our dialogue beyond screen time as the only metric that’s used to assess young people’s digital behaviours.

We also need to create boundaries around:

The screens kids use

The most critical boundary parents need to establish with their children and teens relates to what they’re doing online. Have conversations about the apps, platforms, games, videos, TV shows and media they consume and create. Visit the eSafety Commissioner’s or Common Sense Media’s websites to help you understand the various platforms and tools, so you’re better prepared to know the risks and lessen some of the potential pitfalls.

The time of day

Establish what technology can be used at different times of the day. Ideally, devices would be switched off at least sixty minutes before bedtime as the blue light can delay the onset of sleep and reduce the quality of their sleep. Minimise exposure to rapid-fire, fast-paced screen action before school as this can hyper-arouse the brain and make it challenging to pay attention in class.

Technology zones

As a family, determine the ‘no-go tech zones’ in your house such as bedrooms, bathrooms, meal areas and play areas. Encourage them to use technology in publicly accessible, high-traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen, dining or lounge area. A young person is very unlikely to be sending nudes whilst sitting on the lounge or kitchen bench!

The people they interact with

Talk to your child or teen about who they’re interacting with online and reassure them that if there’s a problem online, they need to come and talk to you, as the pilot or co-pilot of the digital plane and avoid withdrawing screen time as a punishment.

Setting and enforcing firm digital boundaries with children young people is vital if we want them to cultivate healthy digital behaviours. These skills are critical if the screen generation is to thrive in the digital world


Ken & Lisa

Grade 1/2 Excursion

Last week, the Grade One and Two students went on an adventure out in the community in search of old and new.

One group of students walked through Chelsea looking at the old and new changes in houses and shops. They rode the trains, observing the machinery used in the new train updates.

The other group visited three different train stations and listened to representatives from the Level Crossing Removal project discuss the variety of changes that they are making. The old Mentone station was a focal point and was compared to the brand-new station.




A Message from the PE Department

             Bonbeach District Cross Country Team 2021


Well done to everyone who participated in our House Cross Country day last Friday 26th of March. Walk, jog, hop or run, everyone from prep to grade six did a fantastic job! Congratulations to our team of 36 who made our district team and will go on to represent Bonbeach at next term’s district final at Cornish College. Compass event to follow for the below students.

District team:                                


       Chloe. P                   Sophie. VL               Elijah. S              Kailani. A

       Rhett. M                   Jasmine VL               Alaine. B            Tigga. J

       Ben. D                      Elise. B                    Leo. W               Eleanor. J

       Amy. J                      Maxine. P                Saraya. L            Ben. B

       Emily. P                    Lucas. L                   Bridget. K           Asha. B

       Noah. H                    Tomi. M                   Syliva. K             Miori. W

       Baxter. Q                  Jack. H                    Alice. K               Griffin. D

       Josh. M                    Giselle. M                 Ollie. S                Rowan. S

       Lenny. G                   Leo. G                     Lachlan. M           Van. L


Good luck next Term.




-Mr Mac.



A Message from the Art Department

Dates to remember

Term 1 2021

Thur 1/4           Last day of Term 1 - students dismissed at 2:30pm
Sun 11/4          Farmers' Market Prep

Term 2 2021

Mon 19/4         Term 2 begins at 9am
Tues 20/4         Grade 5/6 Camp
Wed 21/4         Grade 5/6 Camp
Thurs 22/4       Grade 5/6 Camp
Thurs 22/4       Education Sub Committee Meeting
Fri 23/4            Grade 5/6 Camp
Fri 23/4            P&F Meeting 9:00am
Thurs 29/4       School Council Meeting 6pm
Tues 4/5           District Cross Country
Thurs 6/5         Mother's Day Stall
Fri 7/5              Mother's Day Breakfast
Sun 9/5            Farmers' Market Yr 5/6
Thurs 20/5       Education Sub Committee Meeting
Fri 21/5            Curriculum Day - student free day
Thurs 27/5       School Council Meeting 6pm
Mon 7/6           Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Tues 8/6          Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Wed 9/6           Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Thurs 10/6       Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Fri 11/6            Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Tues 15/6         Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Wed 16/6         Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Thurs 17/6       Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Thurs 17/6       Education Sub Committee Meeting
Sun 13/6          Farmers' Market Yr 3/4
Thurs 24/6       School Council Meeting 6pm
Fri 25/6            Last day of Term 2 - students dismissed 2:30pm
Sun 11/7          Farmers' Market Yr 1/2

Term 3 2021

Mon 12/7        Term 3 begins at 9am
Thurs 15/7      Education Sub Committee Meeting
Thurs 22/7      School Council Meeting 6pm
Sun 8/8           Farmers' Market Yr Prep
Mon 9/8 - Wed 18/8     Prep Swimming Lessons
Mon 9/8          Year 4 Camp
Tues 10/8       Year 4 Camp
Wed 11/8        Year 4 Camp
Wed 11/8        Year 3 Camp
Thurs 12/8      Year 3 Camp
Thurs 12/8      Education Sub Committee Meeting
Fri 13/8           Year 3 Camp
Thurs 29/8      School Council Meeting 6pm
Thurs 2/9        Father's Day Stall
Fri 3/9             Father's Day Breakfast
Fri 3/9             District Athletics
Thurs 9/9        Education Sub Committee Meeting
Sun 12/9         Farmers' Market Year 5/6
Thurs 16/9      School Council Meeting 6pm
Fri 17/9           Last day of Term 3 - students dismissed 2:30pm

Term 4 2021

Mon 4/10        Term 4 begins at 9am
Thurs 7/10      Education Sub Committee Meeting
Sun 10/10       Farmers' Market  Pre-School
Thurs 14/10    School Council Meeting 6pm
Fri 22/10         Colour Run
Thurs 4/11      Education Sub Committee Meeting
Thurs 11/11    School Council Meeting 6pm
14/11              Farmers' Market   Year 3/4
Thurs 2/12      Education Sub Committee Meeting (if required)
Thurs 9/12      School Council Meeting 6pm
12/12              Farmers' Market  TBC

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