Jumbunna 11th March 2021


A Message from Ken and Lisa

Lost Property

We currently have a large number of unnamed clothing items in lost property. Every Friday afternoon, a staff member will be checking through lost property and returning all named items to the relevant classrooms. If it is not named, we cannot return it to your child. Please make sure all of your child’s clothing is named including hats and drink bottles.


We are very excited to announce that our tutors have been selected and have started work at Bonbeach this week. We have selected 2 highly qualified and experienced teachers to fill the roles. Vicki Robinson will be working with the Year 3-6 students and Caroline Tisseverasinghe will be working with the Preps-2 students. If your child is selected to be part of this program, you will be notified by letter over the next 2 weeks.

School Council 2021

Congratulations to our successful nominees for School Council for 2021, . Nick Munday, Jody Stack Carrodus, Dave Griffiths and Mark Manokaran. As there were enough positions for the number of nominees, there is no need for an election. We look forward a very productive year, especially after last year!

Ms Jodie Wicks

Just a quick note – you might see one of our teachers, Ms Jodie Wicks who teaches Prep Art and Literacy Intervention around wearing a head scarf. Jodie has been receiving treatment over the last few years for cancer and unfortunately some of the medication has unexpectedly made her hair fall out. All she will be saying to the children (if asked about it) is that she is having special medication and its made her hair go funny! Thanks for your understanding  


When self-ishness is a strength


by Michael Grose

“Share your things with your brother. Don’t be so selfish!”

If you, like me, still have this message rattling around your head then you’ll know how much kids’ selfishness is frowned upon parents. It sits alongside negative terms such as spoilt, bratty and mean-spirited.

I’ve long sung the praises of parents who promote a sense of generosity and giving in their kids. I hold the firm belief that one of the central tasks for parents is to socialise children so that the next generation has a strong sense of civic-mindedness.

There’s a place for developing self-ishness in children, but not the mean-spirited variety. Here are some aspects of self-ishness that help ensure kids become happy, successful and contributing community members.


Young children have few social filters. They’ll blurt out comments at the worst possible moment that are guaranteed to embarrass you, your neighbour or relative. Embarrassing comments may be cute in toddlers but they lose their shine when children reach the school years. Parents can encourage self-awareness by drawing children’s attention to the requirements of different social situations, varying their social experiences and keeping behavioural expectations high. The socialisation process means that kids need to be aware of how their words and actions impact on others, and modify their behaviours accordingly.


A child’s awareness of their emotional world is a wonderful gift. A rarer gift is the ability to regulate emotions such as anxiety, sadness and anger. Being able to identify their feelings, or at least, have the sense of awareness that something doesn’t feel right is central to emotional intelligence and is a requirement if they are to develop empathy.  Parents can encourage self-regulation in children by drawing attention to feelings, creating moments of stillness and giving them tools to calm themselves down when they’re upset.


My daughter came back from a six-month student exchange in Denmark as a sixteen year old with a remarkable sense of maturity. The challenge of living away from home for so long had given her what so many teenagers lack – self-knowledge. The experience taught her a great deal about herself, her strengths and vulnerabilities. She arrived home with a sense of ‘this is who I am’, which is one of the central tasks of adolescence.  Parents can promote kids’ self-knowledge by helping them identify their strengths, encouraging a wide range of interests and providing challenge opportunities during the last years of primary school and throughout the secondary school.


Could your child sit at the meal table with food in front of them and wait until everyone has been seated before eating? I hope so, because little acts of denial such as this encourage the self-discipline required for later success. The ability to delay immediate gratification whether ‘to do the right thing’ or to ensure greater and later success is needed in every aspect of life. Self-discipline, like a muscle, needs to be exercised or it detiorates. Parents can develop self-discipline in their children by encouraging small acts of delayed gratification such as saving pocket money. Help them understand that some desirable outcomes such as achieving good academic marks, gaining sporting awards and helping others generally require them to give up something in return.


Leadership is a hot topic at the moment, particularly in the political sphere. The seeds of great leadership are sown in childhood by parents who teach kids solid values such as respect, accountability, kindness and empathy. They encourage skills such as emotional smarts, clear articulation and developing independence. In many ways self-leadership is the sum of these traits combined. Importantly, it comes before successful leadership in a public sense such as leading a school group, a sporting team, a workplace group or a family.

In closing

Kids’ abilities and attitudes vary, and they shift at different stages of development, which makes raising kids according to templates such as the one above tricky. It’s generally not until adulthood that we see the lasting impact of our parenting efforts and it’s the big ideas such as developing positive self-ishness traits that have the most lasting impact on kids.


Ken & Lisa

Dates to remember

Term 1 2021

Sun 14/3          Farmers' Market Yr 1/2
Fri 19/3            Inter-school sport lightning premiership
Mon 22/3          Harmony Day
Thur 1/4           Last day of Term 1 - students dismissed at 2:30pm
Sun 11/4          Farmers' Market Prep

Term 2 2021

Mon 19/4         Term 2 begins at 9am
Tues 20/4         Grade 5/6 Camp
Wed 21/4         Grade 5/6 Camp
Thurs 22/4       Grade 5/6 Camp
Fri 23/4           Grade 5/6 Camp
Tues 4/5          District Cross Country
Sun 9/5           Farmers' Market Yr 5/6
Fri 21/5           Curriculum Day - student free day
Mon 7/6           Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Tues 8/6          Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Wed 9/6           Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Thurs 10/6       Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Fri 11/6           Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Tues 15/6         Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Wed 16/6         Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Thurs 17/6       Grade 1/2 Swimming Lessons
Sun 13/6          Farmers' Market Yr 3/4
Fri 25/6            Last day of Term 2 - students dismissed 2:30pm
Sun 11/7          Farmers' Market Yr 1/2

Term 3 2021

Sun 8/8          Farmers' Market Yr Prep
Fri 3/9             District Athletics
Sun 12/9         Farmers' Market Year 5/6

Term 4 2021

Sun 10/10       Farmers' Market  Pre-School
14/11             Farmers' Marke   TBC
12/12             Farmers' Market  TBC

Student of the Week

PDJ       Sienna P
 Audrey E
PMW     Bodhi M
JKM       Alle W
JST        Jackson S   
JTC        Christos P

MBJ        Jake P 
MEI        Krish S      
 Ben C & Tamika D 

SPA       Mia Y
SJH        Olive R
SNM      Maxine P

Art         Isaac W (MBJ)
PE          Ewan G (MCF)          

Theircare News

Welcome to Bonbeach Theircare.

 We would like to say thank you to all the families, children, and the Bonbeach P.S community for welcoming us into your service. So far, we have had a great few weeks getting to know your children we are looking forward to a fantastic year.

Louise and Spencer and the Theircare Team

We have had a very busy few weeks, we have spent a lot of time outside enjoying games of cricket and being introduced to Ga-Ga ball, its great seeing students from all year levels playing together and teaching each other the rules of the games.

 We have also discovered that we have a very creative bunch of students who love to paint, draw, and create with lose parts.

Please make sure you have a look at our gallery.


Upcoming events and dates.

8th March       Labour day Public Holiday

29th March-1st April Easter Fun week

1st April           Last day of term

 Autumn holiday program is now open for bookings please look on our website www.theircare.com.au

With the theme Welcome to the Jungle…

Community News


Artz Blitz 2021, Kingston Arts’ annual all-ages and all-abilities community arts and creative writing competition returns this March with new prizes for both visual artists and creative writers. Artz Blitz is a great way to challenge and inspire young people and we encourage you to get your students, colleagues and families involved in this year’s exciting event. Junior entrants are 12 years of age and under and Youth entrants are between 13-17 years.

Entrants may register for visual arts (2D/3D) or creative writing. For information about adult categories, including terms and conditions, please visit our website or call 9556 4462. To view images from last year’s event, please visit our Facebook page.

 School group & family registration process

To simplify the group registration process, please call our Box Office on (03) 9556 4440 between 9am – 4.30pm weekdays to enter your students over the phone. This also applies to parents wishing to enrol multiple family members. Registrations must close Monday 15 March, 5pm.