Jumbunna 26th November 2020



A Message from Ken and Lisa

2021 Classes

There will be 16 classes next year at Bonbeach and 4 specialist areas. Digital Technologies will not be taught as a specialist class next year but there will be an ICT teacher in each grade level responsible for Digital Technologies. The grades and teachers for next year are as follows:-

3 X Foundation classes:- Mr Waters, Ms Jennings, Mrs Murray

5 X 1/2 classes:- Mrs Middleton, Ms Tisseverasinghe, Mrs Ballos/ Mrs Turner, Mr Cook, Mrs Batson

5 X 3/4 classes:- Ms Felmingham, Mr Rankine, Mrs Mullavey/ Mr Sandy, Mrs Ioviero, Mr Jasiewicz

3 X 5/6 classes:- Mrs McCallum, Mr Akeroyd, Mr Halperin

Phys Ed:- Mr McCormack, Art (1-6):- Ms Fregon, Art(Preps):- Ms Wicks, LOTE/Performing Arts:- Bu King

Parking around school

Thank you to all those parents who are doing the right thing at drop off and pick up times and parking correctly. Unfortunately, we have had a complaint from a neighbour who couldn’t leave her home because someone had parked across her driveway and left it there.

Please be mindful of our neighbours and other road users when you are dropping off your child.

  1. The sharper eyed parents would have noticed a bylaws officer from Kingston Council observing the parking situation this morning, I have been informed that attendance by a parking officer will be a regular occurrence in the future.

School Operations update

The Victorian Government announced that Victoria moved to the Last Step of the roadmap for reopening from 11:59pm, Sunday 22 November 2020. As a result of the changes announced, some important updates have been made to school operations.

Drop off and pick up times

We are no longer required to have staggered drop off and pick up times.

From Monday 30th November:

  • All children should arrive to school between 8:45 and 9:00am.
  • Children should continue to be dropped off at the gate and go straight into class.
  • Class roles will be marked at 9:00am. Any children arriving after 9am, will need to sign in as late at the office.
  • All children will be dismissed at 3:30pm.
  • Dismissal will continue to occur on the oval side of the school where there is space for parents to adequately distance. We ask parents to leave the basketball court clear so that students can assemble in this area.

Drinking Taps

The use of drinking taps in schools is now permitted. Students are still encouraged to bring their drink bottles to school to assist with them staying hydrated, particularly on warm days.

Allied Health Professionals

We are now able to allow students private therapists (speech pathologist etc) to attend school. Any visits must be arranged through your child’s teacher prior to them attending onsite.

Students with underlying conditions such as hay fever or asthma

If your child has persistent symptoms due to an underlying condition such as hay fever or asthma, they should still be tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) if they develop symptoms that are different to or worse than their usual symptoms.

Parents/carers are encouraged to get a medical certificate from your child’s treating GP to confirm that it is safe for them to attend school with persistent symptoms that may overlap with some of the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) such as cough or runny nose.

 Year 6 Graduation

Information regarding Year 6 Graduation will be sent out to families from the Year 6 team soon.

Managing the mother load

by Dr Jodi Richardson

“The mental load means always having to remember.”

Emma, a French cartoonist summed up the mental load that most mothers carry in her 2017 viral comic, ‘You should’ve asked’. In the opening scene a very hassled mother was preparing for a dinner party, while feeding her two young children, dealing with a noisy dog and answering the phone, all while she was hosting a colleague for dinner. As the dinner boils over the stove and onto the floor she looked at her partner imploringly. He unwittingly answered, “But you should’ve asked! I would have helped.”

This scene artfully exemplifies the many invisible layers of responsibility that mothers carry including arranging most household tasks, managing the family home and being on top of the fine detail in every family member’s life.

This is not the case in all families, but current research reveals that the great majority of women bear the load when it comes to housework (mums do twice as much as dads), caring for children (again, mums doing twice as much as dads) and carrying the mental load for their family.

There’s only so much we can manage. For those of us who are anxious, there will be times our plates will fill, and overflow. While there’s no single way to ease the mental load that mothers carry the following ideas will help to make life more manageable:

Stop making life easy for others

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many mums will overdo preparation rather than expect others to step up and help. I have been known in the past to cook and freeze up to a week’s worth of meals prior to travelling for work. Not any more though. Magically, my husband and two school-aged children have become very capable in the kitchen as I’ve stepped back.

Delegate and let go

Delegate some household jobs to your children. Leah Ruppanner, professor of sociology at Melbourne University says, “Unless death is impending from poor domestic decisions, step back, support and allow others to learn from their mistakes.” Letting go of jobs and allowing kids to do things in their own way is hard for perfectionist personality types, but it’s essential if you are going to last the parenting journey. Surprisingly, both guilt and perfectionism ensure that many mums keep their children dependent upon them.

Diarise and check

One way to ease is the mental load is to lessen the number of mental notes and details that you carry around. Set up recurring electronic calendar entries for routine tasks and check regularly. This way you have less to remember and a place to find what you need, which is more efficient and mum-friendly way of being organised.

Lower the bar

Many mothers confess that they constantly feel guilt. if they don’t put their children first. That’s a heavy burden to carry. If anxiety is a constant companion, it’s essential to lower the bar on your self-expectations. Unfulfilled expectations are proven stressors for mothers so take away tasks, rather than add to your mother load.

In closing

There’s little doubt that many mothers carry an overwhelming mental load that adds to their anxiety and stress. I’m not suggesting that you abandon your job entirely but rather to look for ways to make the mental load you carry a little lighter. In doing so, life will become easier to manage. As with all behavioural change its easiest to start small. But whatever you do, if you’re straining under the mother load make a start at releasing and sharing the load.


Ken & Lisa

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Dates to remember

Mon 30/11       Session 2: Prep Information Video
Wed 9/12         School Council Meeting 6:00pm

Term 1 2021

Feb 2021         Session 3: Prep Information Video
Wed  3/2          G3-6 Swimming Trials at Toby Haenan
Wed 17/2         District Swimming

Term 2 2021

Tues 4/5          District Cross Country

Term 3 2021

Fri 3/9             District Athletics

Community Announcements




1st Chelsea Heights Scout group, based in Cannes Avenue, Bonbeach is looking for new Joey’s (5-8 years) and Cubs (8-11 years) to join the group.  Come and try for free – prepare for adventure!  Contact the group on 0407 057501 or email first.chelsea.heights.cubs@gmail.com