Jumbunna 19th November 2020



A Message from the PE Department

Intra-school sport competition

This term due to there being no Inter-school sport, the grade 5/6’s have started an Intra-school sport competition on Friday mornings. The students have been spilt into their respective house colours and are playing a six week kickball tournament. After a slow start, it’s been great to see all students now eagerly participating and enjoying some friendly competition amongst one another.

Grade 3/4 students have also started the same format of competition. They will participate in a shortened competition consisting of three weeks. This is to get the grade 4 students ready for Inter-school sport next year and to give both 3’s and 4’s a taste of what will hopefully be a new revamped house sport competition that will involve the whole school next year.

We are still in the early stages of planning and developing, but from 2021 Bonbeach Primary School will be bringing back house points, with a weekly update at assembly on how many points each house is on and a house shield awarded at the end of the year. Watch this space!!

-Mr Mac.


The grade 5/6 students have begun writing a picture story book for their Prep Buddies. The books will be about topics that the Prep children have learnt. For example; colours, numbers to ten, big and little, short and long. The text will be in both Bahasa and English. The students have been using a Kamus (English/Indonesian dictionary) to help them translate words and sentences. The books will be published and shared with their buddies at a book launch.

The grade 3/4 students have been learning about the history and importance of Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets) in Indonesian culture. They have begun creating their own puppet, paying close attention to the design and personality of the puppet. For example; good, bad, funny. In a small group, they will write and perform a short play.

The grade 1/2 students have been learning about the history and importance of Topeng (Wooden Masks) in Indonesian culture. They have begun creating their own mask, paying close attention to the design and character of the mask. They will then perform a short play.

The Prep students have been involved in a variety of activities and games revising numbers and colours to ten. They have participated in reading big books with repetitive text and creating their own page for a class book using the same format. The computer generated program Dino Lingo has also been used to reinforce concepts.


Maths News

The 5/6 students have been having fun with Geometric Reasoning in Maths recently. The activities involved naming, estimating, measuring and drawing a variety of angles. They have also explored the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, and determined angles when a line intersects a parallel line.





Student of the Week

PDJ       Sarah S
PKL       Sienna E

PKM      Liam C

JBS        Saga D
JMW      Harper B
JKM       Ethan J
JTC        Tom G

MFM      Tahlia B
MFR       Sienna H
MJH       Tilli N

SNM      Jack T

PE                                        Fedya P

Community Announcements

1st Chelsea Heights Scout group, based in Cannes Avenue, Bonbeach is looking for new Joey’s (5-8 years) and Cubs (8-11 years) to join the group.  Come and try for free – prepare for adventure!  Contact the group on 0407 057501 or email first.chelsea.heights.cubs@gmail.com