Jumbunna 29th October 2020



A Message from Ken and Lisa

This Friday 30th October, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day. We would like to thank all of our hard working and dedicated teachers at Bonbeach Primary School for their care, support and ongoing commitment towards the education of all students at our school, particularly throughout this challenging year, where they have had to reinvent how they teach, deliver curriculum and engage with their students. We are very lucky to have such a great staff at Bonbeach!

Sheila Whyte 

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Sheila Whyte passed away last Sunday. Sheila was not only a parent here but she was also coordinator of the OSHC program here for many years. She enabled the smooth transition of the program from Camp Australia to TheirCare.

She had an incredible work ethic, was highly organised, established caring relationships with the children and ran a great program. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Our sincere sympathy and thoughts go out to her family, particularly Gordon and Jamie.

 Policy Updates

The below policies were approved by School Council last week. We encourage all families to be aware of these policies. Please click on the links below to view the policies. These can also be found on our school website.

Medication at school

During Hay fever season, we often see an increase in students requiring medication during school hours. If your child requires any medication to be administered during school hours, whether this be on a regular basis or only in the event of a reaction for example, the medication must be handed in at the office accompanied by a completed Medication Authority Form. Students are not to keep any medication in their bags or self-administer at school. All medication will be securely stored in the First Aid Room and administered by a staff member. Please click on the link below for our Administration of Medication Policy. The policy also contains a copy of the Medication Authority Form.

Arrival at school prior to 8:45am

A reminder that students should not be entering their classroom in the morning until 8:45am. Should you need to drop your child off prior to this time, before school care is available through TheirCare. We will be activating a new bell to ring at 8:45am to signal when the classrooms are supervised and students can head into their rooms. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.

Curriculum Day Monday

A reminder that this coming Monday 2nd November is a Curriculum Day. On this day, our staff will be engaging in Professional Learning. Children are not required at school on this day.

Congratulations Miss Bolton!

We are pleased to let you know that Miss Bolton had a baby girl, ‘Ally’ on Sunday 18th October. Mum and baby are both doing well. We are looking forward to when restrictions ease and Miss Bolton can come back to school for a visit!

Darlings in public, devils at home

by Michael Grose


“Why does my child behave well for others, but not for me?”

This is a common question many parents ask.

It’s frustrating!

I remember my primary school-aged children having very poor table manners at home, yet after sleep-overs and visits with friends we were always complimented for having children with beautiful manners.

“They showed my kids a thing or two about manners,” was the comment we received.

When one daughter was thirteen, she barely had a civil word for anyone who lived under the same roof as her. Yet following a weekend staying at a friend’s house, the supervising parents remarked how communicative she was with them.

“What do you do get such a lovely teenager?” her friend asked.

“Send her to you!” was my reply!

So why do kids behave well for others and save their worst behaviour for their parents?

It’s simple really….. because you love them.

It’s hard to be good all the time. When we are fully accepted by others we tend to show them our true selves warts n’all.

The same theory applies with all relationships, including dating.

When you first start dating you put huge energy into making good impressions. Most people dress well, are punctual, and present their best possible face.

When the relationship becomes stable most people loosen up. They don’t always dress to impress, often turn up late, and are not fussed about presenting their best possible face all the time. In short, familiarity breeds contentedness, and even a little contempt.

The same happens with kids. They become so relaxed with their parents that they will show their worst side to them.

They’ll be very polite to their teacher, barely speaking out of turn in class yet can be downright rude and overbearing at home.

They’ll be friendly to peers at school but painful for siblings at home.

It’s important that kids know how to behave

We’d all love our kids to behave appropriately all the time, but the reality is they won’t. Most kids have L-plates when it comes to learning how to fit in and behave around others. They make mistakes, yet they are always on a path to improvement……. or should be.

It’s important that they know how to behave. That means parents teach their kids good manners, they teach them right from wrong, and also they teach them how to behave well in a variety of social situations so that when they are outside the house and around others, they know how to behave in public.

Sometimes kids are worse in public than at home.

This happens with toddlers who are really on a huge learning curve. It’s easier to teach them in the confined, organised environment at home. When they are in public spaces such as supermarkets, they are so much harder to control!!

Here are four ways to teach kids of all ages to behave well:

  •  Model: Yes, they need to see adults and significant others such as parents behave well, behave generously and use appropriate manners (because they will speak like you in public). When you have kids, as a parent you are a walking, talking social studies lesson (as in how to be social, generous and pleasant to others).
  •  Explicitly teach & coach: Tell kids what to say in different social situations and also let them know how their behaviour (good and bad) impacts on others. Be upfront yet respectful with your messages.
  •  Give kids social scripts: An extension of teaching is the provision of social scripts for kids of all ages that they can use in a variety of situations such as in a restaurant, at a friend’s house, even at school. Make sure they rehearse them as well. Behaviour rehearsal is particularly important for boys who are more tactile and practical learners.
  •  Create junior versions of social situations: Sporting codes create junior versions of their games so kids can learn the basics without being overwhelmed by adult rules. The same applies to kids. Once a week set up your mealtimes like a restaurant so kids learn how to behave in a restaurant situation.


Ken & Lisa

Aerobics News

We have some exciting news from the school aerobics world. This year has been a bit different, as we haven’t been able to go to our competitions to participate and were unable to complete the competition in our teams. Firstly, Mrs Batson and Miss T would like to thank all of the school aerobics team members for their patience and flexibility with all of the changes that were being made this year with competition dates and the formats in which we had to perform.

Fortunately, we were able to go ahead with our solo competition which saw Grace Ash compete in the state finals. Grace showed great dedication and persistence. She continued to practise and perfect her routine at home and submitted her final routine to be scored against all of the other solo performers in Victoria via video to the judges. And she came FIRST!!!

Congratulations Grace!! We are all so proud of you and your efforts.

As always, you have represented Bonbeach Primary School to the highest standard. We commend you on your fantastic achievement.


Students of the Week

PDJ       Zion H
PKL       Florence S

PKM      Alle W

JBS        Ivy A
JMW      Tate J       
JST        Logan D B
JTC        Araxi W

MCF       Ben M
MFM      Charlotte R
MFR       Bridget K
MJH       Judd H

SBJ       Jasmine V L
SNM      Mia T K
SPA       Elijah S

PERFORMING ARTS            Noah H
INDONESIAN                        Sarah L
VISUAL ARTS                        Harper B
PE                                            Lucas L


A big 'Thankyou' to the team at Patterson Lakes 'Dominos Pizza', who have kindly donated free vouchers to our school familes. These will be sent home with the children today.

Dates to remember

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Thurs 5/11       Prep Web-Ex Question and Answer Session 2 7pm
Mon 9/11         Activity 3: Prep Transition Video
Mon 16/11       Activity 4: Prep Transition Video
Wed 18/11       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Thurs 21/11     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Mon 23/11       Activity 5: Prep Transition Video
Mon 30/11       Session 2: Prep Information Video
Wed 9/12         School Council Meeting 6:00pm

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