Jumbunna 16th October 2020



A Message from Ken and Lisa

Welcome back!

It has been fantastic to see so many smiling faces coming through the gate in the morning (as well as the smiling faces on the parents dropping students off), and classrooms with students in them! We would like to congratulate all of our students for a great return to school. We have found that students have settled back into school life and routines really well and we look forward to getting many things back to normal this term.

Back to school reminders

We understand that getting back into a morning routine with getting ready for school, packing bags and lunches etc. may be difficult for many families. A few reminders of items that need to come to school every day include, hats, sunscreen and drink bottles as we are not using the drinking taps for drinking at the moment.

Student Drop off

Thank you to all of our families for your support with the students drop off and pick up plan. We understand that parking around the school can be challenging. We have noticed some parents stopping the car whilst on the road to drop students off. This not only blocks the flow of traffic but is unsafe for students to be exiting the car whilst on the road. We ask all parents to ensure they are parked in a safe area, before asking students to exit from the car to ensure everyone’s safety.


Help kids tap into their inner resources

by Michael Grose

My first parenting mentor, Maurice Balson, author of Becoming Better Parents constantly reminded parents, “If you want your child to be resourceful you need to put them in positions to develop their resources.”

Balson’s resourcefulness message is just as apt today. Coping with change, dealing with small losses, handling rejection and overcoming disappointment are the types of experiences that build a child’s or young person’s inner resources.

Developing resourcefulness is the appropriate approach to take when considering the disruptive impact that coronavirus is having on kids’ lives. A child who is struggling to come to grips with the changes brought about by the pandemic initially needs an emphatic, supportive approach. They also need encouragement to tap into their inner resources to help them manage the hard times. The following strategies will help develop your child or young person’s inner resources.

Give them a chance to be resourceful

Harry, age 10, often leaves his lunch at home. His father, who works from home, won’t take forgotten items to school. Harry either misses lunch or persuades his friends to share their lunches with him. Either way, when Harry leaves his lunch at home he’s forced to rely on his emotional or physical resourcefulness to get by. And he does.

Catch them being resourceful

A child’s behaviours that gain a parent’s attention generally expand. Highlight a child’s good manners, acts of kindness or honesty and you’re more likely to get a repeat of those behaviours. Positive parental recognition is a high motivator for most kids. To encourage your child’s resourcefulness, focus your attention and positive comments on acts of resourcefulness and resilience they exhibit.

Encourage creativity

Sylvia, age 13 walked to school each day, saving her bus fare to spend on clothes that were out of reach of her parents’ budget. Sylvia found a way to overcome her money problem in her own way. Children and young people usually come up with very creative solutions when they’re allowed to own their problems.

Develop coping skills

Kids rely on their coping skills to help them manage their emotional states when life throws them curve balls. Build your child’s set of coping skills through direct teaching, modelling and discussion. Humour, distraction, relaxation, exercise, play and thought-distancing are some of the more common coping skills kids can use to help them tolerate their difficult feelings.

The resourcefulness a child develops when they experience adversity doesn’t desert them when life returns to normal. It waits in the background, ready to be drawn upon again when hardships, frustrations and difficulties come their way.


A Message from the PE Department: Term 4

Welcome back everyone to school and Term 4! I hope everyone is excited for PE at school and not behind a computer screen. Unfortunately, there will be a number of  sporting events not happening for the remainder of the year, these include; cross country, athletics, grade 5/6 inter-school sport, lightning premierships, swimming lessons and 5/6 beach safety day.

Grade 5/6:

  • In Physical Education lessons this term, the grade 5/6 students will be participating in a unit of net and racquet sports. They will learn about different elements of rules, skills involved and game play of Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton. Students will also participate in the Beep Test, to determine their aerobic capacity.

 Grade 3/4:

  • In Physical Education lessons this term, grade 3/4 students will be participating in a unit of striking and fielding sports. Students will have the opportunity to learn about rules, skills and game play of Cricket and T-Ball. Students will also participate in the Beep Test, to determine their aerobic capacity.

Grade 1/2:

  • In grade 1/2 this term, students will continue to learn, grow and practise their knowledge of fundamental motor skills (FMS) in sport specific and skill based lessons. They will be participating in a unit of invasion sports, which include Hockey and Soccer. FMS games and activities involving throwing, catching, running, dodging, kicking, punting and target based, will also be incorporated within lessons.


  • Preps will have a big focus this term on practicing their fundamental movement skills and movement sequences using different body parts. These skills include; throwing, catching, running, jumping, dodging, balancing, skipping, kicking and trapping. They will also incorporate these skills into minor games that practise, co-operation with others, sharing of equipment and in both inside and outside contexts.

Students will be practising safe hand hygiene before and after each lesson, hand sanitizer will be made available (if students use their own, they must bring it to each PE lesson) and all equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant after use.

Although not a lot of good news with sporting events, rest assured we will be making up for lost time at school. To have students back in PE classes running around, learning with smiles on their faces and playing games as a class will make remote learning seem like a distant past.   

 “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.”

– Michael Jordan.


Mr Mac.

Physical Education Teacher.

Visual and Performing Arts News

Grade 1 and 2 - Visual Arts.

Given the many challenges we have all faced while at home, this term we will make the most of being back in the art room to create, make, model, and get messy!

All students will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials and explore a variety of techniques and processes to create art with a 3D focus.  Think painted clay figures, photo frames with embellishments and decorative mobiles.

This will be a term in the art room to remember as we pack away the paper and pencils, and get creative!

Grade 3 -6 Performing Arts

It has been great to see so many students engage with the remote learning Performing Arts program and highlighting their skills over the past term.

Maths News

Preps Take on Maths at Bonbeach PS


Jackson     “I like equations - like 9 + 5”.

Kai                 “I like the number 100”.

Natalie        “I like Maths You Can Eat, it’s my favourite”.

Eden          “I like pluses”.

Asher          “I like to count to 100”.

Eve               “I like maths because it is challenging”.

Poppy          “EVERYTHING! It is very fun”.

Taio               “I like to look at BIG numbers”.

Jack           “I like looking at numbers and I love solving tricky problems”.

Thomas      “I like Mrs Murray’s number activities”.

Bailey          “Probably EVERYTHING!”.

Ciara            “That you get to learn numbers”.

Ella               “I like adding and taking away numbers”.

Sienna      “I like adding the numbers”.

Raphael     “Maybe the sums”.


Student of the Week

PDJ       Maxen M
PKL       Erin M

PKM      Mackenzie M

JBS        Judson C
JMW      Joel P
JKM       Taylor S
JST        Spencer A
JTC        JTC

MCF       Jordan P
MFM       MFM
MFR       Sidney H
MJH       Renny M

SBJ       Saraya L
SNM      Fedya P
SPA       Koby F

Dates to remember

Thurs 15/10     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Mon 19/10       Session 1: Prep Information Video
Mon 19/10       Activity 1: Prep Transition Video
Wed 21/10       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Fri 23/10          Public Holiday
Mon 26/10       Prep Web-Ex Question and Answer Session 1 7pm
Mon 26/10       Activity 2: Prep Transition Video
Mon 2/11         Curriculum Day - student free day
Tues 3/11         Public Holiday
Thurs 5/11       Prep Web-Ex Question and Answer Session 2 7pm
Mon 9/11         Activity 3: Prep Transition Video
Mon 16/11       Activity 4: Prep Transition Video
Wed 18/11       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Thurs 21/11     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Mon 23/11       Activity 5: Prep Transition Video
Mon 30/11       Session 2: Prep Information Video
Wed 9/12         School Council Meeting 6:00pm

Term 1 2021

Feb 2021         Session 3: Prep Information Video

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