Jumbunna 18th September 2020



A Message from Ken and Lisa

End of Term

We are now at the end of (to quote the media) an unprecedented term. Thank you all for your hard work and support over this difficult time. We look forward to Term 4 and hopefully, returning to normal schooling. We hope that everyone can stop for a while, take a break from remote learning and relax, enjoying quality family time for the next 2 weeks.
Tree Removal

Unfortunately, we have to have a couple of trees cut down this week. Both have been deemed unsafe by an arborist and could potentially fall if left alone. One is the very large Eucalypt on the fence line near the senior playground and the other is the Myrtle tree on the corner of Coast Banksia and Cirrus. This one is a favourite climbing tree and provides wonderful shade at the front of the hall but, sadly, it has to go. We will be planting new trees in their place.

New Building

The teachers are all very excited because we have just about completed the shift out of the old building and have set up their new rooms ready for next term.  Preps, and 1/2s will be going into the new Learning Centre and 3/4s will be going into the relocatables.
We are still waiting for the Certificate of Occupancy which is being held up by a minor administrative glitch but we have been assured that it will be rectified in time for the start of next term.

N.B. Please Read!

Demolition of the old building will commence over the holidays. The first part of the demolition process will be the removal of any asbestos from the site. It is anticipated that component may take up to 9 days. All mandatory safety procedures will be undertaken and the work site will be fenced off securely but it would probably be best to not come onto school grounds during work hours
The demolition of the old building has necessitated a few changes. We will lose part of the basketball and netball courts to the work site. Sharon and Wendy have now relocated to the temporary main office in the front foyer of the hall  on Coast Banksia Drive. My temporary location is in the new Learning Centre. Ms Roolker is the only one who hasn’t had to move.   


Ms Bolton

Best wishes to Ms Bolton who is leaving Bonbeach PS to have a baby. We’re very sad to see her go but very excited for her. She has promised to drop in with her baby as soon as she is able to, after the restrictions are lifted.  Ms Levy will be replacing Ms Bolton next term. She has already (virtually) met her students and is very excited, as we all are, to start onsite classes next term.

Wellbeing strategies for parents

 Michael Grose

The coronavirus pandemic and its associated disruptions are beginning to take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. You don’t need to look far in your community or social networks to identify a worrying trend of people experiencing a range of challenging emotions including mood swings, despair, anger, sullenness and lack of motivation.

People who usually pride themselves on being able to manage most difficulties that come their way now find themselves suddenly unable to cope, leading to a profound sense of disappointment. A number of people have spoken about feeling guilty for being a less than perfect parent, partner, teacher, work colleague or friend during these times.

This inability to cope is understandable. Our capacity to adapt to acutely stressful situations such as natural disasters has been severely depleted by the long-term nature of the pandemic. It’s common in situations of great uncertainty to feel exhausted and experience periods of burnout. Coupled with this is a sense of loss that many people feel – loss of connection to friends and family, loss of freedom and a loss of a way of life.

There is no handbook for functioning in a pandemic however it’s apparent that we need to accept that our lives will be different for some time. It also helps to expect less of yourself, which is the opposite to how high-achievers and perfectionists ordinarily operate. Feeling comfortable with uncertainty takes some getting used to as most of us have an innate wish to feel in control.

Daily wellbeing treats
Self-care is a proven remedy to most wellbeing ailments, but it’s ironic that for many of us our self-care activities have been restricted by the coronavirus. Coffee with friends, a massage or a visit to the gym and other such activities are out for many people. However, this doesn’t mean that we should neglect our mental health and wellbeing. Instead we need to look closer to home for our regular wellbeing treats. Things that help include regular deep breathing to start the body’s relaxation response, practising moments of mindfulness to shut down mental chatter, finding hidden exercise opportunities to promote mood-enhancing endorphins and spending time each day in calm-inducing green space.

Resilience bank account
During my conversations one person described living in this era as “always feeling a little off balance, like standing in a dinghy in a rough sea and not knowing when the storm will pass.”

Our mental reserves are constantly been called upon, so it’s necessary to build regular practices into our lives that build our resilience. Hopefully, most of us had bulging resilience bank accounts before the pandemic hit but it’s never too late start. Attending to areas such as sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, relationship-building and self-care help keep our resilience buckets filled up.

Humans are adaptive and can get better at anything with practice, including living through a once in a century pandemic and all the changes it brings to our lives.


Ken and Lisa

Term 4 Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Term 3 has been a challenging term for all of us and we would like to thank all of our families for your support and our students for their dedication, hard work and resilience.

Term 4 will bring about many more changes, not only to learning but also as our building project continues to progress. Please find below an outline regarding the start of Term 4. More specific information will follow once we receive further advice from the Department and recommendations from the Chief Health Officer.

5th – 9th October (first week of Term 4)

Remote learning will continue for the first week of Term 4, following the two weeks of holidays for all students (Years Prep-6).

Week beginning 12th October (week 2 of Term 4)

All students in Years Prep to 2 will return to full-time on-site schooling. We are very excited for the return of our Junior students. Our new Learning Centre is now complete and our Prep-2 students will begin the term in their new rooms. Closer to the return of students, we will provide information regarding pickup/drop off times and locations as well as a map of our new Learning Centre and the location of all classes. We understand that many children will be excited about the return to school and a new room whilst others will be anxious. We have a variety of plans in place to prepare students and to welcome them back, including videos from their teachers of their new rooms once they have been set up.

Students in Years 3-6 will continue with remote learning until further notice. A date for the return of these year levels to on-site learning will be subject to further health advice.


On-site Attendance for students in year levels still learning remotely

From week 1 (5th October), we will continue to provide an on-site attendance program for students of families who meet the criteria below. The first week will be for students in Prep-6. After our Junior students return to on-site learning in week 2, onsite attendance will be available for students in Year 3-6.

For families who meet the criteria, the same processes will be in place. An attendance request form will be posted to Compass each week that must be completed by 10am Thursday the week prior. The request form for the first week of term will be posted to Compass in the second week of the holidays.

There has been no change to the current criteria for on-site attendance:

  • Children whose parents and carers are permitted workers who cannot work from home and where no other arrangements can be made.
  • Where there are two parents/ carers, both must be permitted workers, working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision. A copy of both work permits must be provided to the school prior to the students attending on-site.
  • For single parents/ carers, the permitted worker must be working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision. A copy of the work permit must be provided to the school prior to the students attending on-site.
  • Vulnerable children, including:
  • children in out-of-home care
  • children deemed vulnerable by a government agency, funded family or family violence service, and is assessed as requiring education and care outside the family home;
  • children identified by a school as vulnerable, (including via referral from a government agency, or funded family or family violence service, homeless or youth justice service or mental health or other health service);
  • children with a disability and the family is experiencing severe stress.

We would like to wish all of our families a safe and relaxing break and look forward to hopefully seeing all of our students return during Term 4.

Kind regards,

Ken Jones





Maths News

Largest Number 

What is the largest number you can make using all the numbers below and all four operations? 








Preschool News

If you have been offered a place at the Preschool in 2021 you can expect an email from us asking for your preference of group - if you haven't received it or have questions please call Miss Jo on 97763077 or email - bonbeach.kin@kindergarten.

We have some vacancies in our 3 year old Jellyfish (Monday & Wednesday) and Rainbowfish (Tuesday & Thursday) programs.

These sessions are 4 hours in length over 2 days

If you are interested (or know someone who is) please go to the school website and complete an Expression of Interest form.



Dates to remember

Term 4

Thurs 15/10     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 21/10       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Mon 2/11         Curriculum Day - student free day
Thurs 21/11     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 18/11       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Wed 9/12         School Council Meeting 6:00pm

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