Jumbunna 20th August 2020



Bonbeach Family Trivia Reminder

Virtual Author Visit

Virtual Author Visit!

Next Tuesday 25th August, bestselling author Adam Wallace will be making a virtual visit to Bonbeach Primary School via Google Meet! You will find an invitation to the virtual visit in your child's school Gmail account. 
There will be two sessions, one for Prep-2 and another for grades 3-6.

Prep-2: 10am-11am
Grades 3-5: 11:30am-12:30pm

Children are asked to please bring along some paper and something to draw with.

It should be plenty of fun!


Maths News

Shut the Box   

This is a paper and pencil version of an old game. It is fun for young children and anyone can enjoy the game of chance mixed with the fun of finding a strategy. There is even more opportunity for conversation about odds and probability.


Task Instructions

  • Write the numbers 1 through 9 in a horizontal row on the paper.
  • Player 1 rolls the diceand calculates the sum of the two numbers. Player 1 then chooses to cross out numbers that have the same sum as what was calculated from the dice roll.
  • If the numbers 7, 8 and9 are all covered, player 1 may choose to roll one or two dice. If any of these numbers are still uncovered, the player must use both dice.
  • Player 1 continues rolling dice, calculatingthe sum and crossing out numbers until they can no longer continue.
  • If all numbers arecrossed out, the player say’s “shut the box”. If not all numbers are crossed out, player 1 determines the sum of the numbers that are not crossed out and that is their score.
  • If “shutthe box” is achieved, player 1 records a score of “0”.
  • Player two writes the numbers 1 through 9 and follows the same rules as player 1.
  • Theplayer with the lowest score wins.



  • Two dice
  • Paper and pencil


Dates to remember

Term 3

Fri 21/8           Bonbeach Family Trivia Afternoon 4:30pm
Thurs 10/9      Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 16/9        School Council Meeting 6:00pm

Term 4

Thurs 15/10     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 21/10       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Mon 2/11         Curriculum Day - student free day
Thurs 21/11     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 18/11       School Council Meeting 6:00pm
Wed 9/12         School Council Meeting 6:00pm

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