Jumbunna 23rd July 2020



A Message from Ken and Lisa

Thank you to all our families for your support during this second phase of remote learning. We appreciate that having your students learning from home puts additional pressure on the family and it is a challenge to juggle supporting your children and working. Our teachers are here to help and no question is a silly question, so please do not hesitate to reach out. Our staff will be contacting families over the next couple of weeks to touch base and see how you are your children are going. As our staff are working from home at times during the week, the call may come from a private number. As with last time, our teachers will be identifying each day what the priority tasks are. If you are finding it difficult to get through everything each day, these are the tasks to start with. Again, ‘just do what you can’, and remember to be kind to yourself! There may be days where it is all a bit much and the best thing for your family is to take some time out to play a game or go for a bike ride and that is okay. Our phones are still on during remote learning and we will have office staff here at school each day, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ken and Lisa

Dates to Remember

Term 3

Thurs 13/8     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 19/8     School Council Meeting 6pm
Thurs 10/9     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 16/9     School Council Meeting 6pm

Term 4

Thurs 15/10     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 21/10     School Council Meeting 6pm
Mon 2/11     Curriculum Day –student free day
Thurs 12/11     Education Sub Committee Meeting 5:00pm
Wed 18/11     School Council Meeting 6pm
Wed 9/12     School Council Meeting 6pm

ICAS Assessments

Dear Parents,

Below is an update regarding the ICAS assessments from UNSW. For anyone wishing to register their child, please learn more about ICAS here: https://www.unswglobal.unsw.edu.au/

Online payments will close on Friday 31st July, 2020. Please visit the online Parent Payment System to make a direct payment to UNSW Global. Please use the link below to access the parent payment system and the access code below for Bonbeach Primary School:

Visit:  https://shop.unswglobal.com.au/pages/pps

Access Code: WHT408

I will be in touch should updated information be made available in the event of further restrictions.

Kind regards,

Nikki McCallum

ICAS Coordinator.

Maths News

Community Announcments