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Term 1 - Fri 27th January to Thur 6th April

Term 2 - Mon 24th April to Fri 23rd June

Term 3 - Mon 10th July to Fri 15th September

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Curriculum days are student free days.

Friday 27th January

Monday 30th January
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A Message from Ken and Lisa

Staff Professional Practice Day

A reminder that next Friday 9th September will be our staff Professional Practice Day. Students will not be required to attend school on this day.

Their Care will be running their program during the day if you require care for your child. Please contact Their Care to book their place.

Student Absences

A reminder that it is a Department of Education requirement that all student absences be reported to the school. If you know that your child will be absent in advance, please let the office know or log this through Compass. If your child is unwell, please inform the school on the day of the absence, you can do this through Compass, by emailing the school or calling the school and leaving a message on the absence line. A reminder also if your child has tested positive to Covid-19 to please inform the school on the day of the positive test.

Father’s Day Stall

Thank you to our Parents and Friends Committee for organising the Father’s Day Stall for our Primary School and Pre-School students yesterday. Our students had a great range of gifts to choose from and enjoyed picking out a gift for dad or a special person. We hope our dads enjoy receiving these on Sunday.

Thank you to our P&F members and to the parents who assisted us on the day: Jenny F, Mandy K, Lauren VC, Kirsten W, Amy W, Dani B, Erika W, Kate A, Tanya C, Emma K and Mel B.

Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey

A reminder that the Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey is now open for families to complete until Friday 16th September.

The survey is conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

While previously a random sample of approximately 30 per cent of parents/caregivers/guardians have been selected to participate, this year, all families are invited to participate in the survey. Please note that the survey must only be complete once per family.

If a member of your family has not yet completed this survey, we encourage you to do so. The results of this survey give us valuable feedback from our school community.

Details on how to access the survey have been posted to Compass.

Swooping Birds

As we turn the corner on Winter and look forward to some warmer weather in Spring, this also means that this is peak season for swooping birds. We currently have some magpies along Breeze Street who are often on the electrical wires opposite the staff carpark and in the tree near the Art room, that are swooping walkers by. Please take care when walking in this area.


A reminder that hats are now to be worn by students at all times when outside. All students require a Navy broadbrim SunSmart in navy blue. If your child is not wearing a hat the complies with SunSmart requirements and school uniform, they will be directed to a shaded area.

Child Safe Standards

Please take the time to read over the updated Child Safe Standards document on the following page.


Ken & Lisa

Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standard 9: Child Safety in physical and online environments

This standard focuses on child safety and wellbeing in physical and online environments and ensuring that procurement also reflects child safety.

Schools need to have policies and strategies:

  • for identifying and responding to risk and reducing or removing the risk of harm
  • for online conduct and online safety
  • ensuring that procurement policies for facilities and services ensure the safety of children and students

At our school we identify, assess and manage risks to child safety and wellbeing in our physical and online school environments. These risks are managed through our child safety policies, procedures and practices, and in our activity specific risk registers, such as those we develop for off-site overnight camps, adventure activities and facilities and services we contract through third party providers for student use.

Our Child Safety Risk Register is used to record any identified risks related to child abuse alongside actions in place to manage those risks. Our school leadership team monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the actions in the Child Safety Risk Register at least annually.

Child Safe Standard 8: Review of child safety practices

This standard focuses on continuous improvement in child-safe policies, procedures and practices.

Schools must:

  • regularly review and evaluate policies and strategies
  • analyse child safety incident data
  • share review findings with the school community.

At Bonbeach Primary School, we have established processes for the review and ongoing improvement of our child safe policies, procedures, and practices.

We will:

  • Review and improve our policy every two years or after any significant child safety incident.
  • Analyse any complaints, concerns, and safety incidents to improve policy and practice.
  • Act with transparency and share pertinent learnings and review outcomes with school staff and our school community.

Child Safe Standard 11: Review of child safety practices

This standard focuses on incorporating the 11 Child Safe Standards into school policies, procedures and practices, which work together to create a child-safe culture.

Schools should ensure these policies and procedures are:

  • informed by community consultations so they are relevant to the school
  • accessible to all
  • informed by best practice
  • championed by leaders
  • well understood by those they apply to
  • implemented effectively.

Bonbeach Primary School have a number of policies which incorporate the 11 Child Safe Standards including:

  • Bullying Prevention Policy
  • Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures
  • Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Complaints Policy
  • Digital Learning Policy
  • Inclusion and Diversity Policy
  • Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy
  • Visitors Policy
  • Volunteers Policy

These policies can be found on our school website and are regularly reviewed by School Council as per Department of Education requirements.

We are committed to communicating our child safety strategies to the school community through:

  • Ensuring that key child safety policies are available on our website including the Child Safety Policy (this document), Child Safety Code of Conduct, and the Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations (including Mandatory Reporting) Policy and Procedure.
  • Displaying PROTECT posters around the school.
  • Updates in our school newsletter.
  • Ensuring that child safety is a regular agenda item at school leadership meetings, staff meetings and school council meetings.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our approach to child safety and wellbeing and welcome feedback from families and members of our school community on ways we can further strengthen our child safety policies, procedures and practices.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please email the school.




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School Production News

Dear Parents

  • Production week is coming up quickly so we hope you are making plans to attend this exciting event.
  • Tickets are on sale now, so if you have not yet purchased your tickets, make sure you do this promptly so you do not miss out.
  • You may also order a video or photos of the performance using the order forms that will be posted on Compass.
  • On Monday and Tuesday nights your child may benefit by going to bed early so they are able to cope with the busy day on Wednesday which is performance day.

Here is an outline of Production week:

Monday 5th September

  • The Prep to Grade Two students will be having a dress rehearsal at 9am.
  • The costumes have all been made for them and they will be wearing their costumes over the top of their school uniform.
  • There is no need for them to bring their black clothes.
  • This will be a practice only with no audience

Tuesday 6th September

  • This will be a normal school day for students.
  • The stage will be closed as we set it up with lights, microphones, props, etc.

Wednesday 7th September

  • Another dress rehearsal will take place after recess.
  • Once again students will wear the costumes over the top of their uniform, so there is no need to bring their black clothes.
  • The Grades 3-6 students will be an audience at this performance.
  • Students will go home after school,and have their dinner
  • Students return back to their classroom at 5.30pm dressed in their black clothes. Please wear long, black pants/leggings/stockings (preferably not shorts). The top should be all black, and if it has a print on it, wearing it insideout may fix this. Black socks and shoes should also be worn.
  • Their teacher will assist students with their costumes and will bring them over to the hall.
  • After the performance, students will be taken back to their classroom to take off their costumes.
  • Parents/Carers will pick up their child/children from their classrooms.


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