Jumbunna 5th May 2022



A Message from Ken and Lisa


We thought we would start our segment with some really great news! Two of our students, Tyler Phillips and Hugo Wood, recently competed in the Victorian BMX Freestyle Championships and performed exceptionally.

Tyler placed 2nd in the U7s category

Hugo placed 3rd in the U11s category

Both will go on to represent Victoria at the Nationals later this year.

A fantastic effort for them both and we wish them well for the Nationals.




Next week, our Year 3 and 5 students will be participating in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). NAPLAN is a national Literacy and Numeracy assessment that students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit in May each year.

This year, our school will be transitioning to NAPLAN online. From the 10th May, our Year 3 and Year 5 students will complete the NAPLAN Reading, Conventions of Language and Mathematics assessments online. Students in Year 5 will also complete the writing assessment online, whilst our Year 3 students will complete the writing assessment on paper.

Parents of students in Years 3 and/or 5 are encouraged to check Compass for more detailed information and a schedule of the tests that will be conducted.


Attitudes to School Survey

This term, students in Years 4-6 will be participating the Department of Education’s ‘Attitudes to School’ survey (AtoSS).

The AtoSS is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist our school to gain an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Students will be asked about their thoughts and feelings in relation to their school, their learning, peer and family relationships, resilience, bullying, mental health and wellbeing, physical activity, and life in general.

This survey will be conducted during class time between 30th May and 10th June. Further information will be provided to Year 4-6 parents closer to the date.


Curriculum Day

This term, we will be holding a Curriculum Day on Friday 27th May. Students are not required at school on this day. If you require care for your child, Their Care will be running their program on the day. All bookings will need to be made through Their Care.

On this day, our staff will be engaging in professional learning with an Occupational Therapist, learning about sensory processing and participating in moderation of student assessment.


Covid-19 requirements

A reminder, that if your child tests positive to Covid-19, to please inform the school either by phone call or email. If your child is a household contact of a positive Covid-19 case, they are still able to attend school (masks will need to be worn inside if they are in Years 3-6). Please also inform the school if your child is a household contact.

Mother’s Day Stall

Many of our Primary School and Pre-School students enjoyed choosing a gift for mum or a special person yesterday for Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Thank you to the P&F committee for organising this event for our students: Jenny F, Jody SC, Mandy K, Lauren V, Danielle B, Kristen W.

Thank you also to the many parents who assisted at the Mother’s Day Stall: Lauren V, Jenny F, Mandy K, Danielle B, Kerry H, Michelle S, Jody SC, Kate A, Kelly E, Melinda B, Kelly H.

We wish all our parents/carers/grandparents, a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.


9 digital technology guidelines for parents 

by Martine Oglethorpe

Technology is everywhere now, in our homes, in our pockets, and perhaps worryingly for many parents, in our children’s hands.

Every family is different and will have their own ideas around what’s considered ‘normal’ or acceptable use of our beloved devices, which means there’s no universal answer.

However, there are some suggestions that can help you build some rules of your own and bring some order to the way your children use digital devices at home.

Before we help our young people, it’s best to look at our own digital habits to make sure we are providing them with what they need – that is, leading by example and being balanced role models who know when to use and when not to use their devices.


  1. Know what the rules and expectations are at school

School digital device policies make a great starting point for families. Every school is different – some let students keep mobile phones in lockers or backpacks, while others allow limited mobile phone usage between classes or even during class time to aid with assignments. Make sure that you and your child know what the rules are at school. Importantly, support the school and keep your own expectations in line with theirs.

  1. Specify hours for digital use

Set the ground rules for when your youngsters can use their tablets and phones, and when they need to shut them off for the night. It’s just a smart way to build a habit for the whole family so it becomes ingrained and just the way things are done in your home. Keep in mind that this age group faces tremendous peer pressure to be online 24/7, and even though they’d never admit it, it might be helpful for them to have an acceptable ‘way out’ from their demanding digital life.

  1. Consider a digital device ‘contract’

Mobile phone ‘contracts’ were popular with parents a few years back and they are still a smart way to go. Clearly set out your digital device usage guidelines, and print them in an agreement that you and your young one can both sign. If there are any disputes, then you both have the expectations in writing. This digital technology guideline maybe a little too formal for many people’s tastes, but it removes the grey areas around expectations that many young people are likely to exploit.

  1. Lay out consequences from the start

Make the consequences clear for breaking the rules, such as taking away the phone or tablet for a set period of time. But remember, the goal isn’t to punish them, but just to set clear boundaries. Your home’s digital device guidelines should be reasonable rather than excessive, and be made in collaboration with your youngster so they feel a sense of ownership about the rules too. This should make it less likely for them to ‘break the law’, so to speak.

  1. Talk about respectful relationships, safety and pornography

You can’t let your young person loose in the digital world without having several conversations about how to stay safe online, how to show respectful behaviour and be aware of the pitfalls of pornography. Each of these topics is a separate issue on its own, but each is deeply affected by the virtual, boundary-free nature of digital technology. This kind of digital exposure can have massive ramifications on the growth and development of young people, especially when it comes to the quality of their relationships and well-being.

  1. Be prepared to learn

Be ready to learn about social media, and the different apps and games that young people may be playing. But at the same time, be mindful of their boundaries. A recent Australian survey found that young people see TV-watching as a way of connecting to their family, and social media as a way of connecting to their friends.

  1. Change the rules if necessary

Many families will have a young one who believes that rules are made to be broken. They are the ones always pushing past their boundaries, their own limits and the limits of their parents’ patience. 
Smart parents take a more flexible approach, and believe that rules are made to be changed. 
Be prepared to keep evolving your rules based on your young person’s behaviour, maturity, sleep habits, their tendency to leave homework or chores unfinished, bullying or any number of issues that will invariably crop up to make them feel like your rules just aren’t working.

  1. Keep digital devices out of the bedroom

If there was one rule that you should stay firm on, then this is the one. Many young people are in a constant sleep deficit as it is without bringing digital devices into the mix. 
They may say they want to charge it in their room. 
Keep the charger in a public place. 
They may even want to use their mobile or tablet to wake up in the morning. 
Applaud them on wanting to wake up on their own, but get them a regular alarm clock instead.

  1. Have a ‘digital detox’ one day a week

The only way that this idea will work is if you join them in making one day a week a digital device-free day. They will probably not like it, and neither will you, but the point of having one day off is to prove that they can live without their digital device, and involve them in different forms of communication and entertainment.

Digital technology is now an integral part of our lives, but it’s not the only option we have for entertainment, information and or communication. Before we help our young people, it’s best to look at our own digital habits to make sure we are providing them with what they need – that is, leading by example and being balanced role models who know when to use and when not to use their devices. They are far more likely to walk our walk than follow our talk.

It’s not easy, but with a little effort and forethought, it does not have to be such a daunting proposition.


Ken & Lisa

Dates to remember

Click here to view the upcoming dates.

A Message from the PE Department

Whole School


Swimming lessons are starting this term for grade 1/2 students. The swimming program goes for 8 days starting in week 5 (Monday 23rd May) of Term 2. We have changed swimming venues this year, and all our swimming lessons will now be taking place at Mentone Girls' Grammar Aquatic Centre, 17 Mentone Parade, Mentone. Bus and session times will be placed in the newsletter and on Compass a week before the commencement of the programs.

Any parents who can assist with supervision of the change rooms of the younger students will be greatly appreciated. If any parents are able to help out on any of the days, please contact your child's classroom teacher (must have vaccination certificate, valid working with children check and have completed the annual OHS paperwork at the office).

At the pool, all students must provide and wear their own swimming cap every day.

Program dates are as follows: TERM 2 - Grade 1 and 2 - starting Week 5 on:

Mon 23rd May, Tue 24th May, Wed 25th May, Thur 26th May, Mon 30th May, Tue 31st May, Wed 1st June and Thurs 2nd June (Friday 27th May is a curriculum day).


District Cross County

We are taking a team of 40 students (grade 3-6) to the District Cross Country held at Cornish College on Friday 6th May. Students will be transported by bus leaving school at approximately 9:15am and returning to school at 1:30pm. The top 10 of each age group will go through to the Divisional Final. Good luck to all competitors.

Grade 5/6

  • This term all our inter-school sport games are at home, meaning there is no bus cost involved. All sports will be played on school grounds, except Football, which will be at Bonbeach Reserve (Shark Park). Only students in the football team will need consent from a parent to walk to the reserve with Mr Mac and Mr Halperin. This can be done on the Term 2 inter-school sport Compass form.


  • The inter-school sport fixture for term 2 2022:


              13th May: Home v Chelsea Heights Primary School

              20th  May: Home v Seaford Primary School

              27th May: Bye due to Curriculum Day

              3rd  June: Home v St Joseph’s Primary School

              10/17th June: Winter Lightning Premiership (date is yet to be formalised. All sports at different grounds/ venues.)


  • In Terms One and Two, there is a Lighting Premiership, where every school plays each other in shortened round robin matches. Venues are yet to be decided. All grade 5/6 students will be participating. More information will be posted on Compass within the coming weeks. 


  • In Physical Education lessons this term, Grade 5/6 students will be participating in a unit of gymnastics. Students will have the opportunity to expand upon their learnings about different skills involved, and have the opportunity to practise and then perform a group routine using different equipment.   


Grade 3/4


  • Grade 3/4 Swimming Lessons have been scheduled to take place in August this year. All information on swimming lessons will be provided on Compass towards the end of term 2.


  • In Physical Education lessons this term, the Grade 3/4 students will be participating in a unit of football (Aussie Rules). They will learn the different rules, the basic skills involved, including marking, handballing, drop punt kicking and game play.


Grade 1/2    


  • In Grade 1/2 this term, students will continue to learn, grow and practise their knowledge of Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) in sport specific and skill based lessons. For this term, grade 1/2 students will participate in a unit on Soccer. A focus will be on learning about the basic rules, skills and knowing about the difference between defending and attacking when in soccer game play.


  • Grade 1/2 Swimming lessons have been scheduled to take place in week 5 of Term 2. All information is now on Compass.




  • The preps had a fantastic start to primary PE in Term 1. They loved learning new games that incorporated Fundamental Motor Skills including running, dodging, tagging, throwing, jumping and skipping. They worked in teams, problem solved in groups and showed an excellent understanding of rules involved in Physical Education.


  • For this term, the main focus in Prep is on throwing and catching. Students will have the opportunity to practise under and over arm throwing and catching using both hands, using all different sorts of equipment and in different contexts (station work, games, in groups and on their own).


  • Prep Swimming Lessons have been scheduled to take place in August this year. All information on Prep Swimming Lessons will be provided on Compass towards the end of Term 2.


For anything sport or physical education related, please feel free to email me at any time.


Mr Mac.

Physical Education Teacher.


Farmers' Market News

Bonbeach Farmers’ Market

Sunday 8th May

8:30am – 12:30pm


Bonbeach Farmers’ Market have made a huge commitment to the farmers and small scale food producers, so please, come down and shop local and take the opportunity to connect with the growers and makers and find out the origins of your food!


It's a busy day, but Mothers’ Day is a still a day to support locally grown produce. Farmers Markets are a great connection between our food production system and our health! We work hard to provide you with direct access to fresh, local and seasonal food sourced directly from the producer.


Specialty stalls for Mothers Day, this month only with treats and goodies available from our regulars!


Drop in early to ensure you get all your essential shopping from local farmers, makers, growers, bakers, brewers, distillers and artisans this Sunday.


We are here to bring the Bonbeach community the freshest fruit and veg, Vic grown flowers, meat, sausages, salami, baked goods, sauces, jams & spreads, chutneys, nuts, sustainable re-fills, vegan treats, local honey, gin, cider, beer, pate', take home food and so much more!


The next meeting of the Farmers’ Market Committee will be held at 5:00pm Tuesday 10th May in the school Admin building. We would love to see some new faces there!



Farmers Market Committee

Peer Mediation

Hi, Our names are Mia and Xander and we are the Peer Mediation Leaders. Recently, we participated in an amazing training course with Sophie from Stride Education. She was fantastic and helped us learn how to take care of social problems in the playground. We learnt how iportant it was to have empathy, understanding and being neutral. (not taking sides.) We also learnt how to approach different situations in the playground and how to be approachable. We have started the program and there are two peer mediators walking around at playtimes and lunchtimes. We are noticeable in our fluro vests.


Theircare News

Student of the Week

PJC               Memphis C-R
PKM              Geordie T
PKS               Amarli E

JFR               Hunter J
JKB               Jackson L
JKM              Cruze O'G
              Asher M
MBJ               Axel H

      Lily V C 
MMG              Josh M            

SCF               Xander B-R
SMW             Tigerlily W & Emily P
Indonesian    SMW
PE                   JFR   

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