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A Message from Ken and Lisa

End of Year

A gentle reminder that next week is the final week of the school year and dismissal time will be 1:30pm.

We have a lot to fit into the final day. Year 3/4 camp in the last week has meant changes have had to be made to the normal program.

Final assembly will be at 9:15am on the basketball court, weather permitting. Otherwise, it will be in the hall.

Students will be meeting their next year’s teacher and grade at 12:30pm and returning their classes for this year for dismissal.

Attendance at School Events

Department directives clearly state that any parents who attend school events must be fully vaccinated. We will be checking for proof before you will be allowed to enter. I know this is an inconvenience, but I am sure that you will understand as this will help us try to keep all our community safe.

Important Notice for Year 6 Parents and Parents of Students leaving the school

If you are a Year 6 parent or a parent of a student leaving the school, you must download your child’s report this year as you will not be able to access Compass afterwards.


Misbehaviour or mistake?

by Michael Grose

Ella was a distressed mum. She’d discovered her eight-year-old daughter Ruby had stolen a bracelet from another girl at school.  Shocked and angry, she approached her daughter to talk about the behaviour.

Ruby clammed up, refusing to talk so Ella wisely took a step back and sought advice from her family.

Ella sought advice from her own mother who suggested that she see her daughter’s behaviour as a mistake, rather than a misbehaviour. Ella’s mother was spot on.

It’s easy to see children’s poor behaviour through a moral lens, thinking that they are somehow inherently bad, or on the road to ruin if they behave poorly or infringe on someone else’s rights. This view neglects the notion that children’s behaviour is on a steep learning curve. They wear L-plates for a long time, which is just as well, as they are likely to mess up many times, particularly in the teenage years.

“You’ve made a mistake”

Calmly, with newfound confidence that having a plan provides, Ella approached her daughter again about the issue saying, “I know that’s (stealing) not like you. Can you tell me what happened?”

Upset, the young girl told her mum how she’d seen the bracelet for some time and just couldn’t resist taking it when the opportunity came.

Tears of remorse flowed freely.  Ella asked, “What should we do now?”

“I’ll give it back.” “Good idea. I can help you if you like.”

“Thank you.”

Misbehaviour or mistake?

Viewing behaviour through the learning lens changed the way that Ella approached her daughter. If you take this approach when your children behave poorly, your language and the way you follow up the behaviour may need to change.

Punishment or making amends?

If you think that a child has misbehaved then they generally need to be punished by experiencing something unpleasant such as grounding or a loss of privileges to teach them a lesson. However, if you believe kids make mistakes, they should make amends such as returning a stolen good or making up for poor behaviour in some way.

Correcting the past or learning for the future?

When the misbehaviour is the focus, your main concern will be about the past and to ensure that the misbehaviour isn’t be repeated. When the focus is on a mistake, your main concern will be about the future and ensuring they improve the way they treat others.

Judge or coach?

When misbehaviour is the focus your role as a parent is part police, part judge ensuring rules are followed and punishment is administered fairly. When a mistake becomes the focus, your role becomes part teacher, part coach showing kids better ways of behaviour and keeping relationships intact.

In closing

How do you view your child’s indiscretions? Do you see them as misbehaviours to get rid of or mistakes to be learned from? Perhaps you see them as a little of both. How you view your child’s poor behaviour is a choice, and one that determines your approach and the effectiveness of your response.


Ken & Lisa


Farmers' Market News

From the Farmers’ Market Committee

Christmas is nearly upon us and now is the time to pop into the market and purchase your Christmas tree from the Scouts,  listen to the Patterson River Secondary College Band perform some great music, or visit one of the pop up stalls offering some great Christmas gifts.

As the 7th year of the Bonbeach Farmers’ Market comes to a close, we would like to thank you for supporting this 7th year of food in action!

Markets are important to local economic development as well as the social and environmental vitality of the community. Farmers market stallholders educate their shoppers by sharing farming practices and discussing nutrition as well as how to prepare food with customers. There really has never been a better time than now to shop at a farmers’ market, even though in recent times we’ve gone from socialising to social distancing.

Bonbeach Farmers Market is the result of one local, Narelle Legg’s vision all those years ago. Simply, to reconnect our community to their local food system. The market has continued to grow, with the aim of supporting local farmers and strengthening relationships between farmers and the community. Thankyou, to our community.

To help celebrate the end of the year we are having some lucky gate prizes, so make sure each family collects their ticket when entering.

Prizes are being drawn at 10am and 11am, you must be present for the draw.

Our thanks to many of our stall holders including: Frank n Al Chai, Coffee for the people, Moorabool river beef, Yarra Valley Sausages, LaVilla Salumi, OMG Donuts, Belinda's Muesli Slices, Simply Swap Foods, Gourmet Pies, Giant Springs, Arancini 4 All, Pippa's Kitchen, Hov's Kitchen, From basque with love, Arabian Bites, That Juice Bar, That Spirited lot, Etch Sparkling, Eddie's Cider, Ned Kelly Red, Karingal Berries, and Roving Refills for donating the prizes.
A friendly reminder to bring a $2 gold coin upon entry as we do not have card facilities on the gates. 

TIME: 8.30am - 12.30pm
ENTRY: $2 gold coin per adult (children are free)
ENTER: Breeze St, Bonbeach

------ COVID-19 GUIDELINES ------
Please make sure you check in using the QR CODE and follow the current COVID-19 guidelines to the best of your ability for everyone's safety.

- Check in using the QR Code
- Sanitise your hands often
- Please do not handle food
- Maintain a safe distance
- $2 Gold Coin entry
Be Kind and Be Patient.

See you all this Sunday! 

Student of the Week

PDJ          Alex R
PKM         Xavier K
PLS          The PLS Class

JBT           Eva M
JKB           Mason K
JKM           William R
JST            Cody H
JTC            Neve M & Ciara H

MBJ           Ella M
MEI           Leo G & Baxter Q
MFR           Cowan C
MSM          Kye M


2022 Booklists and Parent Payment Arrangements Reminder



2022 Requirements for Online Ordering through COS Parent Portal

The school has worked with an external company, COS to negotiate an extremely competitive price for the stationery packs. These will be delivered to the school directly and distributed to classrooms.

The   items   listed   on   the   following   page   have   been   selected   as   being   required   for  2022.    To    ensure    delivery    prior  to Term 1, 2022, please place your order by Friday 17th December 2021.

Listed below are the easy steps for placing your online order available from Monday 1st November 2021.

Ready to order?

For a fast, simple and secure way to place your order visit www.cos.net.au and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Sign In button in menu task bar
  2. Enter the Username: bonbeachps@cos.net.au & Password: Parents-22
  3. Select the Year level required for 2022
  4. Review product selection based on your requirements

-     Please note, items may have been marked as either mandatory or optional by your school

  1. Add your Pack to the Cart
  2. Enter your Child’s Details & Delivery Details
  3. Enter in your credit card, Paypal or Pay4 details and submit

You will receive an order confirmation via email and can request to have your order tracking sent to you via mobile.



Delivery Guarantee -

- All orders placed before Friday 17th December 2021 will be delivered to the school prior to Term 1, 2022 commencing.

- Orders after this date cannot be   guaranteed   to   arrive   on   time   and   may   be   delivered   to your   school a few weeks into the school term.

Please contact COS with any queries regarding the Parent Portal

 Telephone:  1300 614 133

Email:  parentportal@cos.net.au

Christmas Raffle

It has been decided to postpone our Christmas Raffle this year.

2021 has put a lot of strain on everyone, so fingers crossed, 2022 will more relaxed and less stressful.

We will, instead, make it a bonanza event next year and we can celebrate our fantastic new buildings as well.

We would like to wish all our school community a Safe and Happy Christmas.

Thank you again for all your support during these crazy times and we look forward to working with you in 2022.


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