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Term 1 - Fri 27th January to Thur 6th April

Term 2 - Mon 24th April to Fri 23rd June

Term 3 - Mon 10th July to Fri 15th September

Term 4 - Mon 2nd October to Wed 20th December



Curriculum days are student free days.

Friday 27th January

Monday 30th January
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Monday 6th November


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A Message from Ken and Lisa

Calendar and End of Year Events

Very difficult to believe that the Christmas break is only 15 days away. Please keep an eye out for the Compass notices and the newsletter to ensure that you don’t miss any of the end of year events.

A gentle reminder that only fully vaccinated adults can attend.

 Car Parking at Drop Off and Pick Up

Unfortunately, I have been contacted by neighbours living on Coast Banksia Drive complaining about people parking across their driveways and students nearly getting hit by cars because of dangerous practices, like running across the road from between parked cars, cars double parking and letting their children out on the roadside.

I know we are all rushed and time poor but please take the time to ensure your child is safe at all times.

The neighbours have contacted the council and have been told that parking officers will come out at random times, so if you don’t want a parking fine for Christmas, please be considerate of our neighbours and park legally.

 Graffiti around the School

The school was recently “visited” by a couple of moronic graffiti taggers with nothing better to do and the artwork on the rebound wall was defaced.

 This is extremely disappointing because the artwork was completed by some of our students and Kirsty Oliver.

I was really impressed by the fact that, rather than get upset, Kirsty and Ben (Year 5) just painted over the graffiti and restored the mural. A big thank you to both of them for their efforts.

Growing up is not straight-forward

by Michael Grose

The pandemic has delivered change and upheaval to families on an enormous scale. Many parents fear for their children and worry about the impact that remote learning, reduced direct social contact and missed milestone will have on their children. Upheaval is not new for some children, particularly those who’ve experienced illness, a loss of a loved one or who’ve moved home and changed schools. Each change requires acceptance, adjustment and an attitude realignment to help them fit the new circumstances. Every change is an opportunity for a child to grow and develop, if they are supported, and they’re not overwhelmed by the experiences.

A child’s pathway to adulthood, and the accompanying journey of their parents, is generally viewed as linear. Growing up is seen as a straight-forward march from infancy, early childhood, childhood, adolescence, post-adolescence to adulthood. If COVID has taught us anything it’s that a child’s journey is full of twists and turns.

While your child has a developmental clock that keeps ticking over, it’s their experiences that determine their maturity and their ability to reach fully-fledged adulthood with the resilience, grit and adaptability needed to thrive. What are the experiences that will help children mature and cope with adversity when it inevitably comes their way? The experiences that develop maturity and coping capacities fit into two broad areas – challenging and positive experiences.

Challenging Experiences

The challenging experiences that a child encounters enable them to build their coping capacities and develop their emotional resources that contribute to their maturity. These challenges include:


Disagreements, arguments and rivalry is part of growing up. Whether it’s a dispute with siblings or a fallout with a friend, negotiating conflict is a developmental task.


Rejection by a friend or group is hurtful and feels horrible, but it also builds a level of social smarts and judgement necessary for navigating relationships in later life.


This takes many forms including a friend moving away, the death of a pet and the passing of a family member. Loss is the cause of sadness, grief and heartbreak that can feel overwhelming. However, with time and support kids learn to cope and get on with their lives.


Losing a game, not being picked for a team, not receiving a gift they wanted are unpleasant but character-building experiences that help kids develop perhaps the most treasured resilience capability of them all – acceptance.

Unexpected change

Although few kids like it, and many will fight it change, acceptance of change and the ability to adapt to circumstances is a short cut to maturity and resilience.


Mistakes are seen in three ways. They are activities to be avoided, signs of failure, or opportunities for further learning. Resilient learners know that mistakes, even initial failures, are part of every learning process so the risk of failure doesn’t hold them back. Children and young people grow from these experiences as coping and recovery generally build character, confidence and resilience.

Positive experiences

Though children and young people will inevitably experience challenging experiences, positive experiences help to balance the experience ledger by building a child’s identity, wellbeing and emotional collateral.


Knowing that a child is loved and loveable is at the core of their self-worth. Self-esteem and identity built in adolescence needs a solid foundation of self-worth.


Making and keeping friends is an essential life task linked to many aspects of happiness and wellbeing.


The ability to belong to groups through contribution fulfils a basic need. It allows children to experience real gratitude and feel needed, which builds self-esteem.


When life becomes challenging or when stress and anxiety build, children need something positive or fun to look forward to. Hope and anticipation are well-known antidotes to stress.


Fun, joy, excitement! Any activity that shifts children’s and young people’s emotion from unpleasant, low energy to pleasant and high energy is a good thing.


Involvement in enjoyable activities such as hobbies, interests, sports, music, games, creative and performance arts are central to healthy wellbeing. Activities that are fun, freely chosen and create flow (the ability to lose track of time) fit the criteria of play.

In closing

A child’s age and related milestones is a recognised marker of their development. However, their life experiences, as much as the number of birthdays they’ve had, contribute to their maturity, resilience and readiness for the wider world.


Ken & Lisa

Parent Payments Reminder



2022 Requirements for Online Ordering through COS Parent Portal

The school has worked with an external company, COS to negotiate an extremely competitive price for the stationery packs. These will be delivered to the school directly and distributed to classrooms.

The   items   listed   on   the   following   page   have   been   selected   as   being   required   for  2022.    To    ensure    delivery    prior  to Term 1, 2022, please place your order by Friday 17th December 2021.

Listed below are the easy steps for placing your online order available from Monday 1st November 2021.

Ready to order?

For a fast, simple and secure way to place your order visit www.cos.net.au and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Sign In button in menu task bar
  2. Enter the Username: bonbeachps@cos.net.au & Password: Parents-22
  3. Select the Year level required for 2022
  4. Review product selection based on your requirements

-     Please note, items may have been marked as either mandatory or optional by your school

  1. Add your Pack to the Cart
  2. Enter your Child’s Details & Delivery Details
  3. Enter in your credit card, Paypal or Pay4 details and submit

You will receive an order confirmation via email and can request to have your order tracking sent to you via mobile.



Delivery Guarantee -

- All orders placed before Friday 17th December 2021 will be delivered to the school prior to Term 1, 2022 commencing.

- Orders after this date cannot be   guaranteed   to   arrive   on   time   and   may   be   delivered   to your   school a few weeks into the school term.

Please contact COS with any queries regarding the Parent Portal

 Telephone:  1300 614 133

Email:  parentportal@cos.net.au

Christmas Raffle

Well what a year we have had!

No Fathers’ Day stall!

No Colour Run!

…BUT we are once again counting on the continued generosity of our school community and are having a Christmas raffle to be drawn at our end of year assembly.

As you are aware, all monies we raise are spent on our children and we are always very happy to accept any suggestions regarding same.

All donations for the raffle will be gratefully accepted and can be left at the office with our lovely ladies.

 Thanks again from your P&F.


A Message from the PE Department

                ATHLETICS RESULTS 2021

Unfortunately, because of lockdowns and ongoing restrictions, School Sport Victoria (SSV) decided to cancel all remaining school sporting events for 2021. This was very disappointing as it will be 2 years in a row students miss out. There was a chance, we could have still held a district athletics day event, but disappointingly, only four schools (we were one) wanted the day to go ahead.

Instead we held two presentations to celebrate and acknowledge the place getters from each age group and award them with ribbons. Well done to all students who participated on the day and even if you didn’t win a ribbon, just by competing you earnt house points for your house.

-Mr Mac

Theircare News

November Newsletter

It’s been great having all the students back to school and back to TheirCare. The students having been very active sharing  their sporting skills with others  it’s been great seeing the older students supporting  the younger ones with different techniques on the ovel with cricket and soccer and on the basketball court. The students have also had plenty of time to do painting and creating.

Please remind your child to bring their hats to Theircare, No hats No outdoor play


Book your child in to our summer holiday program by the 10th of dec to go into the draw to win some great awesome family experiences

Book now at


Opening Hours:

BSC: 7am – 8.45am

ASC: 3.30pm – 6.00pm

Service Coordinator: Louise Whyte

E-mail us: Bonbeach@theircare.com.au

Call us: +61 439 392 221


Student of the Week

PDJ          Connor H & Aurelia F
PKM         Ben M
PLS          Archie C

JBT           Jackson L & Mia D
JKB           Susannah A
JKM           Ella R & Reuben B
JST            Jackson S
JTC            Tara R

MBJ           Gemma M
MEI           Ava L
MFR           Ollie G
MSM          Sylvia K

SJH            Anita P
SNB           Ben M
SNM           Owen H & Elijah S

Community Announcements

Jessica Mwamba, author of The Good Gang, is mum to our very own Bonbeach students; Mapalo, Aliyah and Amarni! The story is based on them and is a fictional adventure story with thrills and exciting twists, whilst also tackling important issues such as bullying and racial equality. With the added bonus of a specially created formula designed to help kids to learn and recognise nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

In Mystery at Majestic Falls Mapalo is bewitched by a mysterious blue light on the horizon of Adventure Island. When the alert-o-meter signals danger at Majestic Falls, he must lead The Good Gang to save the town! They will battle to escape dangerous traps, solve riddles, and overcome their deepest fears as they fight a dragon who breathes more than fire. A magical journey unfolds, where untold mysteries await, riddled with excitement, friendship, and an original dance move! Will the good gang be able to slay the dragon and rescue their friends from the mysterious sapphire light?







One on One Individual Lessons

Children Prep to Grade 2

Damien is studying VCE Music Performance (Cornish College) and seeks beginners to teach Piano Tuition (under qualified supervision) at a Piano Studio in Edithvale.

He is an Award winning Pianist / AMEB Grade 8

Bring Joy, Confidence and Focus

through his Fun Piano Tuition Programme.

Supervised by a Member Victorian Music Teachers Association and the Music Society of Victoria.WWC Card.Fully Vaccinated.

                Only 6 Spots available. Call Gerry Gordon now

                0402 548 951

331 Nepean Highway, EDITHVALE

Fancy Fingers Piano Tuition

                                 Facebook – Fancyfingerspianotuition