Sad Community News

Unfortunately Bec’s daughter Payton also did not make it. Bec leaves behind her fiancé Dale Foster, her 15 month old son Jax and 4 beautiful step children Jedd, Lily, Georgia and Abbey. 


This tragic news is devastating for her family and friends and has left the community especially Chelsea Kindergarten in shock and disbelief. The Chelsea Kindergarten has asked for the community to help Dale and his family through donations. They have set up a Go Fund Me page but are also asking for hamper donations that include but are not limited too:

  • Nappies (boys 10kg plus)
  • Baby wipes (hypoallergenic, unscented)
  • Pantry supplies/lunchbox supplies
  • Toilet paper and other household essentials
  • Woolworths gift cards
  • Size 2 + boys clothes (new or can be second hand but in very good condition) 

If you would like to help in anyway that would be appreciated. We will leave a box at the Preschool next week for any donations that you see fit, and we will take it to Chelsea Kindergarten. If you would prefer to donate money, please see the GoFundMe link below.


Thankyou in advance for your support of Dale and his family during this terrible time.


Yours sincerely,


Lisa Antrobus


On behalf of Bonbeach Preschool Committee